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Sunday, August 31, 2008 11:02 PM

I watch ONE concert, ONE concert in my 20 years of life.

Are they going to make me feel guilty about it forever? It is not a crime.

No Agger, still.

12:49 AM

By Ru. It has been ages lol.

A. Alberto
1) Do you love this person? Urgh, as a friend, si.
2) Is this person your enemy? No la! 
3) Would you kiss this person? No also la.

B. Ben
1) What do you really think of this person? He's an ass.
2) What's his favorite colour? Don't know.
3) Ever dance with them? Nope.

C. Carmen
1) Do you have a crush on this person? What do you think?
2) Have you ever had a crush on them? This is getting annoying.
3) How old is she? Pretty sure she's 15.

D. Darren
1) How long have you known him? A year or 2 I guess.
2) Biggest regret? Urhmm, don't have.
3) Do you hate this person? No la, duh. He's my footie "kaki" leh.

E. Ethan (really can't think of any of my friend's which name starts with E, so yeah)
1) Have you met his parents? I wish.
2) Worst thing about this person? Flashing his red brief at us during the concert?
3) Best thing about this person? Being Ethan. Heheh.

F. Fernando
1) Have you ever dated this person? Nope.
2) When is the next time you will see him/her? No idea. But probably not anytime soon.
3) Do you go to school with him/her? Nope.

G. Gordon 
1) Is he/she a good listener? Yes, he is.
2) Have you ever lied to make this person feel better. Nope.
3) Is this person good looking? In a nerdy way! Something like Chuck, sans the curly hair.

H. (Wun)Hwui, Wunnie (okay, I'm not really following the rules here, but who cares.)
1) What grade are they in? Graduating from Monash like really soon. So I don't know?
2) Is he/she your friend? Yes, one of the closest!
3) Ever done something illegal with this person? Uhmm, don't think so. Unless you count going into Planet Hollywood underage(myself, not her) illegal.

I. Ivan
1) What is this person's favorite food? I have not a single clue.
2) How did you met this person? College, sorta.
3) Do you trust him/her? Probably, maybe.

J. Jayne
1) Do they have any siblings? Yes.
2) Do you know their favorite song? Urhmm, one of Click's I guess?
3) What would you do if they confessed they like you? Run. Heheh.

K. Kelly
1) How old were you when you first met? 18 or 19 I think.
2) How did you met? Through cousin.
3) Ever dance with this person? Not that I recall.

L. Li Wen
1) What would you do if you have a crush on this person? How about it will NEVER happen?
2) Do you like him/her as a friend? Of course! Fellow Clickers!
3) Would you go to Disney World with this person? Yeah! 

M. Melissa
1) Is this person older than you? Nope.
2) Is this person single? I think so.
3) How many times do you talk to them in a week? Depends. When we talk, we talk real long though.

N. Nanthini, Sara
1) Is this person your boyfriend/girlfriend? She is my sister/frister :)
2) Have you seen this person cry. Nope, she's a tough one.
3) Do you know this person's middle name. Yeap.

O. Ong Wei Hern
1) Are you related? Does being Liverpool supporters count? I mean we are a big family what.
2) Could you live with this person? I have no idea.
3) What school do they go to? Last I checked, he's still in INTI Nilai? I think.

P. Pang, FM
1) Have you ever been to the mall with this person? More like a supermarket in my hometown. There is no mall in Segamat, you see.
2) How about a sleepover with them? Tonnes. Those were the times.
3) Does this person has a job? Nope.

Q. Q Jin
1) Does this person drink alcohol? Yeah, once or twice I think. When we girls were out.
2) Have you seen this person dance? Hahah no, but I don't mind.
3) Who does he/she like? Oh, no brainer. Micky.

R. Rachel
1) Have you heard this person sing? Nope. If only I was there when she did the Avril thing!
2) Do you think this person will repost this? Hmm, haven't seen any meme on her blog, so I doubt.
3) When does this person look best? With anything butterfly on! Cause we are the butterflies girls lol!

S. Shanie
1) Is this person taller than you? I think we are of the same height.
2) Do you enjoy spending time with him/her? Definitely!
3) Do they live close to you? If you consider Hong Kong or soon to be Liverpool close, then yeah.

T. Tan Pei Ru
1) Would you do anything for him/her? Within my power, then yes for sure.
2) Would you been to his/her house? Am supposed to this coming Saturday! Urghh. *will try to see if there's any other way to avoid duty. heheh.*
3) Where does he/she lives? Damansara if I'm not mistaken. 

U. Unterweger, Fabian 
1) Is this person in a relationship? I have no idea.
2) When is the last time you saw him/her? Last year when he was in Melaka.
3) What colour hair does this person has? Brown if I remember correctly.

V. Vernette
1) Does she has a crush on you? Wait, let me ask her. Duh, what do you think?
2) Would you hug this person? Of course, hugged her and will hug her again. 
3) Is this person your friend? She's my mei. :)
W. Winnie
1) Is this person loud or quiet? In between I guess.
2) Describe this person. Energetic, Artistic, Fun.
3) What colour eyes does this person has? black.

X. Xabi (I have no friend which name starts with X okay.)
1) Why are you friends with him/her? Cause he's Ru's Xabi. Ok, I'm not friend with him, fine.
2) Have you ever gone anywhere with them? Yeah, Anfield. I wish la.
3) What is the one thing you would change about them? Ru says his tackling skills lol. 

Y. Yee Han
1) Does this person wear make-up? Sometimes I think.
2) Does this person play any instrument? I don't think so.
3) What is their favorite sport? Nada.

Z. Zachary Levi (Whose name starts with Z?!)
1) Does this person has MSN? Like I'll have his.
2) Has you ever made out with this person? No la. *slaps forehead*
3) When will you see this person next? Uhm, never?

Rightttt, all done. This has gotta be the longest meme I've ever done. Not tagging anyone as usual, feel free to snag it. And you will realise this LOOK easy, BUT it is NOT.


Stand for something
Friday, August 29, 2008 1:20 PM

Some stuff which I thought is well over, came back to haunt me. Best part is, it shouldn't be haunting me in the 1st place. Ok, fine, I don't know what I'm talking about either. Someone once told me, you stay close with your close friends in school forever. Is there anyone else who doesn't agree with that? What do you do when those once close friends come out and get you over and over again? I guess then, my defensive reaction is not paranoia. I need to learn my lesson. There is bound to be one point even garbage can't be recycled anymore. You know what, screw the Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants. 

The draw for CL group stage is out. We got Marseille, PSV and Atletico Madrid(can we see Garcia por favor?) in Group D. Looks tough to me, compared to the groups that the Mancs and Chelshit are in. But oh well, we'll go through, maybe after moreeee drama. I'm all convinced that we love to do thing the hard way. Just like the 2nd leg Liege game. Thank God Dirky scored that goal. I realized it's a routine for us supporters now, almost falling asleep during the match cause it's boring, and then to cursing cause it's getting frustrating like hell, and then to worried sick, and then someone will step up and saved our sorry arse, and we'll be thanking God. Well, I guess as long as we get the results? And it's 2 games in a row now, Rafa started Skrtel instead of Agger. What does that say? Agger is not the 1sr choice now? Bloody hell, he's fit and he's playing great football!! He can pass AND run better than Skrtel. I'm so NOT ok with this. 

Sunday, August 24, 2008 11:25 PM

Matthew Mitcham. He's a diver from Australia. And he's a out and proud gay!

More precisely, he's the one who won the 10m platform last night. Totally kicked the Chinese's ass. Don't get me wrong, I'm totally rooting for China this Olympic(when Los Espanoles are not involved) but I find the judges are a bit biased when it comes to the Chinese divers after watching the sport 3 days in a row. It was almost like the 1st and 2nd place are booked for the Chinese and the rest can battle for the 3rd. So, I was rooting for Mitcham right from the pre-lim. Didn't think he would nail the gold cause Zhou Luxin was pretty good and consistent. But he screwed up his last dive while Matthew on the other hand got the highest score in the diving history of Olympic with a back 2 1/2 somersaults and 2 1/2 twists which is of 3.8 difficulty level! Couldn't believe my eyes after he finished the dive. I was just sitting there with my jaw dropped while the commentators yapped away in Cantonese.(yeah, Astro rather show boxing than diving final, so I resorted to TVB 8, and their commentators are 'something') Took me a full 3 seconds to realise that the he had just won the gold with that.

He has dethroned Alexander Despatie on my divers list. He's the diver I'm going to watch in London 2012. Oh, who cares he's gay? Apparently he announced his sexuality to the media just months before Olympic and applied for grants for his partner Lachlan to be there with him at the games. I'm sure there are tonnes of athletes who are gay, divers especially, and how many of them does that? And that is total awesomeness and sweetness. 

his constant waving at the camera after each dive is adorableness as well <3

pics credit to fox sports and ew.com

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My life is whole again.
10:15 PM

Football, F1, tennis, and all sort of sports at the Olympics, you name it. The amount of sports that I've been watching during the weekend makes my life whole again. Serious shit. Nothing makes me feel this good!

Pepe "el loco" Reina ran out for celebration AGAIN

We've got another 3 points in the BPL thanks to both our captain and vice captain! Literally stepping up when we needed them to. Well, we played shite but 2 wins and 6 points are what we needed. Is this what Rafa have been talking about all this while? The ability of converting draws into wins? Let's hope so. 

Spot Monster Masch!

Also congrats to Masch for winning the gold with Argentina at the Olympics! And Lucas for the bronze with Brazil! That's pretty damn good okay, 3 of our players who went for the games, 2 came back with medals. So, I think it's perfectly ok that I grinned like a proud idiot when their names got mentioned during the trophy presentation! Oh, and by the way, that is the longest I have to wait for a trophy presentation. They sure were taking their own sweet time to shower.

Oh, was watching the handball bronze medal match between Spain and Croatia. They have 2 Pepe Reina lookalike in the squad! And this is the 1st time that I'm really watching handball, learning the rules and all, and I find the sport kinda ridiculous.  

So, the Olympics is all wrapped up now. Get to see most of the sports I wanted to, except white water rafting. Oh well, let's see how it goes in London 2012. Wunnie proposed something over on MSN which really got my attention. 

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Saturday, August 23, 2008 11:56 AM

Back home in Segamat. Haven't been doing much except watching the Olympics. I think I miss football so much that when I see Spain playing basketball, I started shouting random stuff like "aww, come on Ramos" or "go Silva!". Good thing that I'm getting some football today. Going to watch the footie finals between Argentina and Nigeria in like half an hour and the Liverpool match tonight. So yeay!

Been listening to this band called The Hush Sound these few days, and I like their music a lot. After much of pop rock lately, it's refreshing to hear something different. Must say I like the piano base and the guy girl combination vocals. Last.fm said they sound like Panic at the Disco. Hmmphh. Give the music a try. Cliky.

And a picture from the Denmark v Spain match in Copenhagen.

Xabi celebrating with the Spanish players and Danny going all, "bloody chico, yeah, rub it in. "

Poor Agger, no?

Friday, August 22, 2008 3:51 AM

Okay, am gonna start off the entry like this - that Criminal Law woman is sadistic. You know usually after papers that I never really put in much effort, I'll come out from the exam hall and say "i hope i can pass". But for this paper, which I did put in effort, I came out and said "you know what, i'm gona fail. guaranteed." Bloody hell, why study? what's the point? there is no way in hell I can answer the questions anyway. Now, tell me how do I survive the final in 2 months. You know, good lecturers warn you in lectures that the paper is going to be hard and if we don't study, we are going to fail and blahhhh. And yes, it will turn out difficult, but they ensure that you can answer if you study hard. Fair enough. Like Miss. Sik for Contract Law last semester. But this &*$#&^#**%$@ of a woman, she might as well just fail us straight away. Pucker. Do we really need to see her again for Criminal Law II? Please God.

GOOD news. Xabi is on fire. Yeahhh. Friendly between Denmark and Spain last night and he netted TWICE. It's as if he's telling Rafa, "I hear something about selling me, gaffer, no?" Xabi's great form aside, Denmark against Spain. That is like a dream match. Danny and the Spain national team. Lucky Maria. Speaking of national team, England is so screwed up. Or should I say that bloody Italian coach of theirs is. Terry and Rio ahead of Stevie?! I don't know what is going through the pasta head of his. Bugger. I'm not bias or anything, but who deserves the captain armband more than Stevie?! He played for the damn team against the whole club and supporters' wish when he is fucking injured! Well, at least now he has no reason to choose England over Liverpool. That's a Mikey in my book if he ever get into a club v. country dilemma again. 

Going home tomorrow. Was supposed to go PD, but since they decided to move the family gathering one week ahead, so no choice but to let the other plan go. Damn, why can't they just stick to the normal date so I can hit the beach instead? I even had my playlist ready. Oh well, I guess it's hard to get 7 families together.

Tuesday, August 19, 2008 2:18 AM

This, made my day. I so need that. (Thanks, Maria!)

How I wish it's Friday already.

Mum called yesterday and said that we are all going to Port Dickson this weekend for dad's school Family Day. Can't remember when was the last time we actually went for something like that, but it was years ago, at some beach resort also. Well, won't expect myself to really have the time of my life(it's a secondary school family day, what do you expect), but I certainly look forward to some relaxation. 

I think I'm suffering from over-dosage of fangirlism. Need to stay away from the Agger community at LJ. But, one of the girl said she is doing a picspam of Danny soon! *runs back to check is it posted already*

Yes, I did not do any studying tonight. Am so dead. Mens what? Actus what?

Edit: Ben's latest entry about creation and reaction makes me have insomnia. Lesson of the day, never go TOL just before bed. Those guys are so capable of coming up with something that requires your brain cells to work extra time. 

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Monday, August 18, 2008 12:34 AM

So, every semester, there's bound to be a period of 2 to 3 weeks where I just feel the stress is too much to bear. I get it twice every semester. These 2 weeks is the 1st of this semester. So wheee.

BUT, I feel great today. Because today was productive. Because today I get to down coffee like nobody's business. I feel so blissful that I'm humming random songs when I'm doing laundry. I usually curse, mind you.

And then, one sms is all it takes. Some people are just plain dumb. Now this is how I feel.

Probably shouldn't let stupid things bother me too much. Puckers.

Credits to Natalie and that Liverpool's Number 9. I feel all better now.

Oh and thank God for Nando! We got a 3 points and a clean sheet. Now lads, build on that, please. And we CANNOT sell Xabi. It was shite before he came on and provided Nando the great pass that led to the goal apparently. Under normal circumstances, goal scorer ran to the player who provides pass. But no, Nando ran towards our captain. Surprise, surprise. Tsk tsk, poor Xabi. 

This look so WRONG. But oh, no worries, they are just picking up from where they left off last season. 

And if anyone shall be the hero of our nation this month since it's Merdeka month and all, it should be Chong Wei. At least he made it this far. Well done, lad. 

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even the smiley face dampener on his racquet is crying
Saturday, August 16, 2008 12:49 AM

It is really disturbing to see a guy cry.

More disturbing to see a guy like Nole cry.

It's Nadal again, it's always him.

I think it's a curse. It's not that Nole is not good enough, they were equally great. Nole had his moments which he outshone Nadal in the match and Nadal like wise. And under normal circumstances, Nole won't give his opponent a match point like that. He would make them earn that. I was mumbling "make him earn it, Nole, make him earn it" towards the last few points, cause he was simply making too much mistakes in his 1st serve. It could be pressure, it could be a curse. The romantic side of me wants to believe the latter. 

It's a bad day for tennis. My tennis at least. 

I shall HATE that guy from that sunny island of Mallorca forever. So what you're a Spaniards. I'll stick to my Liverpool Spaniards, muchas gracias.

One day Nole, one day. 

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I should be sleeping.
Friday, August 15, 2008 2:43 AM

So why am I not? 

Cause I just found the most amazing blog ever and read all the archived entries in one go.

And it's so thoughts provoking that I actually sat there and think. (at some point I'm sure the roomie thinks I'm day dreaming about Agger or Ethan again, which I do pretty much during the footie deprived summer - in the UK at least. Yeay - off topic but - the long wait is OVER.)

This Jez Ashurst is some writer. 

Maybe it's the Gerry style of writing that appeals to me. Oh well.

Am off to bed. Nites.


Music is <3
Thursday, August 14, 2008 10:05 PM

Do you still feel excited when your favourite band/artist dropped the new album on you?

Upon seeing your country's name in their tour calender? 

Cheering for them when they won an award?

Going nuts over the sight of them on TV?

Feel so proud and sing along when their songs come onto the radio? 

If your answer to the above all is "yess" like mine, then I think that is what people call "getting all excited over music".

Now, another question, have you ever worry that it will go away one day as you grow older? I do. The passion(obsession if you would like to call that) I feel over music(Click especially) is so important that it would be no less to say that it defines me to certain extent, alongside other things. That's how much it means to me. I can't help it. But I have had so many people telling me this in one way or another, "This shouldn't be the most important thing, you should focus on other stuff, because feeling like this, it will go away one day as you grow older." Or worse still, "It is so immature for you to go all excited over a band. You are 20." They keep saying it to me until I believe there is a certain truth in those statements.

Then I read Cassie's entry(clicky!) at theonelove.org. Wheee, screw it. She's 22 and she still feel excited over her favorite band like we are now! And it's not going away anytime soon according to her. And I don't think there is such thing called immature when it comes to music. Don't be surprise if you see me waiting for Click at the airport when I'm turning 30! Blehhh. (And check out her turtle Theo on the blog too! That little thing is CUTE!)

Oh yeah, and was chatting with her on facebook this afternoon. And she said if it is possible, the next time Click is here, she will come along and bring shows like The One Love Rocks New York and The One Love Rocks London to our continent. Intimate show at small venue sans Warner Music. Awesomeness much?

We just have to do this, register on theonelove.org and "comment on the blogs like hell", quoting her, to let the people there see our enthusiasm. It's all for charity anyways. The more clicks generated, the more money will go to the charity which the blogger is affiliated to. It's a really cool project featuring Tyler Hilton and our very own Ben Romans. Who can resist stories on a tour bus right? Heheh. No offence to the Kenny Sia devotees out there, but it's more meaningful reading all this thoughts provoking blogs on theonelove than reading his endless advertising posts.

Hands up those who want another Hard Rock like show WITHOUT the crushing!

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Green is bad, real bad.
9:22 PM

So, just done the Computer Law paper. I'm telling you that control freak is nuts. 1st he said we can bring the Copyright Act for reference, and when we brought it into the venue, he started shouting, "No Copyright Act! I said in class! No Act!". Maybe he did but as usual no one gets a words that coming out from his mouth. Bugger, his mood swing is worse than any woman during PMS. What the puck. Say earlier so we no need to bring the book.

Anyway, the season opener(in Europe at least) was last night/this morning. Totally forgot that we were playing until Darren messaged me this afternoon. I confidently replied, "Oh yeah, what's the results? But I guess shouldn't be a problem right?" Since we were quite ok in pre-seasons, and since we are playing against Standard Liege. Yeah, Standard who? But apparently we played like headless chickens and drew the match goalless. Could have been worse, Pepe saved a penalty gave away by Dossena.(good work mate, good work.) The thread for the match at RAWK is titled, "End of the world as we know it". Really meh? So bad ar? In a way, yes, we have to beat them 2nd leg in Anfield or we are DEAD. But the power of thinking positively: the stats say Liege is a good team at home. Only lost 3 last season. So we can't be that bad. And it's a season opener, and our performance is always like that beginning of the season. So, things can't be that bad. And THEN, you see people saying stuff like "I've never seen us play this poorly" and complete with a picture of Rafa yelling at the lads with the caption, "Never seen Rafa like this before." Had to agree with the guy on that. Never seen him like that.

Oh, I HATE THE GREEN(is it even green?) EUROPEAN AWAY JERSEY. Just so you know. 

Even Nando manage to look hideous in it. *Gasp* Agger just look mean. 

Compared the Agger in that squad picture(top row 3rd from left), with this picture taken in Oslo.

Daniel Aggadorableness, no?

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Vivo en Sueños
Monday, August 11, 2008 7:46 PM

Am clear headed now, and munching on my chicken sandwich.

Anyway, what do you do when you were so bored in lecture and has no one to talk with cause people beside you were either busy studying or sleeping? I let my mind wandered, basically I dream.

So, the topic of 21st birthday came up between Sara and me several time during lunch before the lecture. Before this, I haven't really give much thought about it. Sitting there and not absorbing a single word the lecturer was saying(damn Islamic Law), and I thought to myself, damn, I can't believe I'm turning 21. And since there's only one 21st birthday, I was thinking that I really should make it something special. Instead of the normal birthday that I've had for the past 2o years. And the way to make it special? The Click Five or Elliot Minor private gig cum birthday party. Basically, was inspired by this EM video and Sara and Aaron's idea about stealing my Ethan signed iPod and sell it on ebay. Imagine, I sell my iPod, get the money, get a new ipod, get them to play at my party, and ask Ethan to sign it again! How cool is that huh?

Then, I got home from class. Took a cold shower, and thought, "Yeah right la, dream on girl!"

Sigh. *runs off defeated to study for the Islamic paper* (Life's much more colourful in dreams?)

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Happy Birthday Vernette!
Saturday, August 9, 2008 8:14 PM

I remembered meeting her the 1st time in Singapore with Shan and Wun. I gotta admit I was a bit worried cause we've never spoken before and the rest already know her well. But we hit it off!

Vern, I'm really glad that I met your gor gor Gordon and the other of your che ches Wun and Shanie. Because through them, I get to know you! Thanks for all the fun and great memories we had in Singapore and the Click concert!

Happy Birthday again!

5:41 PM

The Beijing Olympics Ceremony yesterday was probably the most amazing stuff I've ever seen on TV. The one hour performances left me wanting more and the couch and I'm really close to shouting "Encore!" at the TV screen. I guess there's no way for them to tell the stories of 5000 years in one hour. 

You really have to give it to them for not only the effort they put in, training for a simple movement takes up to 13 months; and also the concept of how things were presented. Although the huge number of ang mohs in the audience and those sitting in front of the TV set at home might be lost at times because of the lack of commentary. Because you probably need a little knowledge on the whole Chinese history and culture to see the beauty in not only the performances, but the flow of it as well. The painting says it all. It started with a blank paper, one of Chinese's great invention, and it was used throughout the performances when they introduces the other important element of Chinese culture, like caligraphy. And then it was added colour by the children of the day, and then it ended with the athlete's footprints during the march-ins. Simply impressive. I wonder where that painting would end up? 

Well, being China, you probably already predicted that they'll put their best resource, people, to full use. And indeed they did. Almost ALL the performances were done by people. Even those which seem not possible. The part where they present the character 和 in different way of Chinese writings. My parents and I all thought it were machine generated. But then the Hong Kong commentator kept saying stuff like "well, you will be surprised how that effect is made. just wait and see. just wait the see." And the other performances as well. HOW IN NAME OF GOD DID THEY ORGANIZE SO MANY PEOPLE. We are talking about close to a 1000 people doing everything in sync. And the way the torch is lit, no one expected that. That guy is at least 60?! Impressive.

Oh, and I actually sat through the whole march in. 200+ countries. Phewww. Were trying to spot the Liverpool kids, but saw none. Saw quiet a few tennis players though. Nadal, Almagro, Federer and Gonzales. Oh, but only one occasion and one country got me to sit up straight during the march in. Luxembourg. They've got the HOTTEST flag bearer. And then the commentator decided to NOT mention his name. Wheee. But he looks like a swimmer or something. In terms of uniform, the sight of Bermuda athletes marching in Bermuda shorts is quite a sight. For the ladies, I thought the Belgian look great in the dress. And I have to give it to USA for the men. Proper and yet not too exaggerating. But the Hungarian ladies totally lost it. I do not know what the heck they are wearing. Their outfit is like covered in spots of blood stains. 

Watched the Qualifying Round of Men Artistic Gymnastic this noon. USA, Spain, and Italy and couple of mixed group were on. None of the Spaniards were good looking surprisingly, and on top of that, the Munez guy did so bad that I choke on my lunch. But they did get the highest score on the floor from Feddher(sp?). The Italians look gay as usual. And I do NOT like them. But the one who caught my eyes is probably Justin Spring from the States. He was great on high bar. And when he finished his routine and was looking for his bag and can't find it, without knowing that  camera is behind him, he shouted "WHO STOLE MY BAG?!" at his teammates. And the commentator were like "uhmmm" for a few seconds.

Am going back to Melaka tomorrow and so probably won't be watching anything anymore. Damn. I want to watch diving! I only get to watch Alexander Despatie like once every 2 years at the least. 


New look!
Friday, August 8, 2008 12:24 PM

Wheeeee!(The Reina on the plane way) Yeshh, my blog has a new look. And the biggest thank you and a round of applause goes to Pei Ru! It started off with a header and then she just went on and did the whole layout for me. The Secret Recipe is on me when I'm in KL mate! 

So, besides Click, I've pretty much been obsessed over this band called Elliot Minor or the tribe elders of Elliotus Minorocerus as dubbed by this coolest promotional video ever.

Question from the fans answered. (Gay moment alert. Bloody nuts.)

I want to SEE.THEM.LIVE.ONE.DAY. If it ever happens, it won't be anytime soon I think, at least 3 years down the road.

And, tonight's the Opening Ceremony of Beijing Olympics! Been looking forward to this for quite some time already and it must be something to watch! Am gonna try to spot Masch, Lucas and Babel. I don't deny I'm a tad bit proud of them even though it means our midfielders are scarce at the moment.

Oh, vote for EM at Kerrang! Awards 2008. Apparently it is a huge thing for band to bring home the coveted Kerrang Award and they are nominated for British Newcomers.

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Happy Birthday Sylvia Wu!
Thursday, August 7, 2008 7:56 PM

A little less than a year ago, November 6 if I'm not mistaken, is where I met this girl. Walked into Tower Records wayyy earlier before The Click Five's meet and greet, and saw this girl with her sister holding Click CDs and posters. So, we started talking and decided to share a drink at Starbucks since the store manager told us to 'get lost' in a nice way and come back later. 

Since then, we've shared more than one drink. We shared endless of crazy experiences and moments. The showcase the very next day, the stalking session and the banners making. The Click concert in Genting 2 months ago, and the MAA Road Show. 

Sylvia, I'm really glad that I met you last year! You are simply great. In so many occasions, you have proved to be a supportive and considerate friend. You, girl who hits head with rolled up subject when excitement takes you over, you are made of sunshine and awesomeness!!

Happy 16th Birthday and hope our friendship survive the years and years to come.

p.s. we only have ONE picture together? LOL I didn't realised that until I was looking for a picture to put up here.

I'm (almost) computer illiterate
3:07 PM

So, I have a new header. Hoorayyy! It's from Ru, of Scouspaniards, i.e the Spaniards of Liverpool. Xabi, Nando and Pepe. I freaking love the look of it! 

Got it from Ru last night and tried to put it on my blog this morning. So, it's 3 something now. I haven't manage to get the header look right. Tried everything. Even googled "how to upload blog header". 


This blog template is temporary until I figure out how to get things right. (Read: I need help, por favor.)


Our Leto and Jared Leto
Wednesday, August 6, 2008 4:59 PM

Sebastian Leto

Jared Leto

They look like each other, no?

Long lost cousins, no?

Ru said it's the hair. But what about the rest?

That poor kid is off on loan at Olympiakos now cause his work permit is rejected. 


Another 4
4:18 PM

Yeap, another 4 goals from another friendly. Valarenga 1 - Liverpool 4. Xabi, Nando, Yossi and N'gog. As Ru pointed out, same set of scorers from the Rangers match, and yeap, that's rare. So, it's another 4 and none from Keane yet. He missed so much chances yesterday even Nemeth started to look better than him. Let's hope it is because he needs more time to settle and nothing else. 

I just have to say this, Agger played the full 90 and he is superb! Gosh, we missed him! Besides that, Xabi has been great too apart from that goal, his passes were good yesterday. And boy, Kuyt and Yossi were just pure hardworking! 

Looking at the support Liverpool got in Norway last night, it gets me thinking to myself, "If Liverpool ever come to Malaysia. We need to be like all these Norwegian reds." The way they sing and chant will get anyone easily mistaken it to be Anfield. It was pure amazing.

The youngster had great fun yesterday too. Towards the last 25 minutes or so of the match, it was like Pepe, Agger and Sami were featured in a reserve match instead of the other way round. The likes of Nemeth, Pacheco, Darby and Spearing. Well, Ru and I were having a mini competition for Nemeth and Pacheco. I'm all for Nemeth and her for Pacheco. Nemeth got 0.3 for attempts and Pacheco 0.5 for assists. Oh well, Pacheco won then. Nonetheless, it was fun seeing them youngsters running about. I still think Nemeth is the best of them lots. Spearing is a "nah-ah." 

The only negative from the match? Stevie is injured. According to .tv, it's a thigh strain and it's not even sure that he'll be available for the CL qualifier against Standard Liege next week. Xabi and Spearing in midfield again? Well, I kesian Kuyt and Yossi if that's the case.

Anyway, you know how the Barry saga has been pissing most red fans off? Not only because Martin O'Neil is a senile thieving cunt for asking 18mil, but also because of our owners who can't afford to pay without selling. And the player whose head is on the line here is our much loved Xabi. Ru's baby. So, a picture tells a thousand words. She drew this.

I can't stop laughing at this. Serves Parry and those 2 yanks right. WHERE IS OUR STADIUM? 

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August Rush
Tuesday, August 5, 2008 1:06 PM

"Listen, can you hear it? I can hear it, the music is everywhere. It's in the wind, in the air, in the light. It's all around us, all you have to do is open yourself up, all you have to do is, listen."

"And I think if I learn how to play it, they might hear me. They might know I was theirs, and find me."

"I believe in music. The way that some people believe in fairy tales. I'd like to imagine that what I hear came from my mother and father. Maybe the notes I heard are the same one they heard, the night they met. Maybe that's how they found each other, maybe that's how they'll find me."

"So, what's your story Lyla?"
"I don't know. I'm...me"   "What 'cha looking at?"

"What's the point in singing Marshall? She's not gonna hear me."

"The music is all around us, all you need to do, is listen."

August Rush trailer

This movie is the epitome of "music connects people". Boys who talked to the moon, journeys embarked on led by music, and it all comes into one through music. Freddie Highmore is going to make it big one day. That kid can really act! AND Jonathan Rhys Meyers singing with a guitar. 'Nuff said.

This Time - One of the most beautiful song ever

Wheeee, another Once and Elizabethtown type of movie!

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Look away if sports is not your thing.
Monday, August 4, 2008 12:15 AM

That's right. It's all about sports lol. 

Alrighty. F1. It was a great day for the Finns at Budapest, Hungary. Heikki claiming the 1st, and Kimi the 3rd. Besides Kimi finishing 3rd despite staring from 6th, my personal highlight of the race, is Massa's car frying up just 3 laps to go, and the camera just cut to the podium and back to his car again. So, from leading the race, to out of it. Steve Slater went, "so close yet so far". I went "Yesshhhhh!!!!" I'm sorry, but I hate that guy. And as a result, Heikki got his 1st champion and credit to him, superb driving throughout the race. While all the attention are on Hammy, he proves that he can deliver as well. Timo Glock is a happy man in 2nd place too. His 1st podium finish. Although he might need a little more guidance on where and how to get to the podium after he got out of the car. That guy freaking walked past the door that leads to the podium lounge until some guy had to direct him back to the door lol. And at the post race press conference, these 2 lads looked beyond excited but Kimi looked bored. Says it all. Just 5 points behind Hammy Drivers Championship Board. The title race is anything but over. Hyvaa Kimi!

Glock, Heikki, Kimi

The Finns on the podium

Watched the pre-season friendly against Rangers on Saturday. We slaughtered them 4-0! Nando, N'gog, Yossi and Xabi were all on the score sheet! N'gog looks promising. And Dossena is not bad too. Ok, I might like him afterall. The reserve lads were good too. Especially Nemeth. Hmmphh, out future number 1o maybe? Only watched the match from 2nd half onwards, so I can't say much about the Nando + Keane partnership. But, one thing I know for sure is that, AGGER IS BACK. He was on towards the end of 2nd half, and boy, we missed him last season. The run and the tackles. All I can say is 'welcome back Danny!'

So, introducing Robbie Keane. Our new signing from Spurs and Nando's new striking partner.

We all know that ever since the arrival of Nando last season, the people at RAWK had all gone bonkers. Creating Nando worshipping thread and coming up with gay pairings within the squad. If you think the Agger love on the forum is sick, all the Nando love set new height. Last season, it's all about Stevie and Nando. Xabi was left all alone. 

And this is their latest game, along with captions like "Stevie won't be happy" and "That is twice in a couple of days they are caught holding hands". 


Let the love triangle begin! 

By the way, I still hate the grey jerseys. It's gay, it's fugly. No wonder the Adidas store at Dataran Pahlawan only stock up ONE shirt. Adidas has lost it. As if the grey away shirt did not enough damage, the bring us this. 

The European Champions League away kit. Green with black collar. Wheee. The only favour they have done us this season is the home kit and the polo shirt which the lads have been wearing a lot lately. Would love to get my hands on the polo.

Degen aka Joker. He smile while he runs. No joke.

Xabi and the sex stare. 

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A weekend of a Clicker?
Sunday, August 3, 2008 11:09 PM

Been home since Friday for the mid term break. Although it is more like a study week than break simply because of the 4 papers after the break. And I haven't even start studying yet.

Anyway, went out with Sara on Friday before Chris come pick me up and we spent the whole day shopping. Yeah, non-stop. Except for lunch and the 5 minutes break when our legs threatened to kill us. The whole was freaking fun. Bought a lot of stuff, unexpected stuff. So, gone are my RM200. Got myself a dress which I totally love and Liverpool season review too. Oh, and a bunch of cute LFC key chains. That shop at Dataran rocks. They have got the coolest footie related key chains who doesn't look pasar malam quality. Some of them actually look like official products. And the best outcome of visiting the shop? I've got a surprise 21st birthday present already! Oh, and I tried the kids home jersey at Adidas. S fits me perfectly well! And it's cheaper that the ladies kit. So, I think I need to start putting aside money for it.

Had our traditional lunch at Pizza Hut

So, the talk that dad organised was on Saturday. It was a huge success. In fact, it was the most successful of the series. We were all worried about the turn out initially but the hall was not only fully filled, extra chairs were added too. Well, turned out whether I'm at MAA or not, either way, I'm a Clicker that night. But instead of Click related, I was controlling the laptop and projector the entire night. And there was a lot of powerpoint presentation so you get the idea. And Chris very suitably dubbed me, The Clicker. 

Some pictures from the night.

the audience

Clicker through and through lol

Dad doing his part

The professor from Taiwan named Darling Chen, no kidding.

The last speaker who got everyone sit up and listen