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I'm theonelove.org trial blogger!
Thursday, September 18, 2008 6:37 PM

Yes, Ben Romans' The One Love.

Imagine the excitement I feel when I got the email from Cassie, one of the founders of the project. Apparently they are working towards opening the site for the general public and they need new bloggers on board. I have no idea what a "trial" blogger is exactly and how does it work, but who cares? Anything to be part of this awesome project!

So, as of now, I got a blog on the website and a charity I chose to support. Just like Ben Romans and the others artists, producers, etc etc. Ok, not exactly like them since my blog won't be featured on the right tab but in the 'blogs' instead. Oh, you get the picture. Go Jade's blog to learn more. (Clikcy!)

The traffic of my blog will generate revenue and it goes to International Justice Mission (clicky!), which is the charity organisation I chose to support. 

So, go sign up, read the blogs, comment and start doing some charity people! There are some pretty damn amazing blogs on there. 

I have no idea what to blog about yet after my very 1st post, yeah, I'm totally blank. I obviously can't go on and on about my mundane life on there. Well, I'll figure it out later. In the mean time, here the link - http://theonelove.org/mayyie :)

Wednesday, September 17, 2008 11:42 AM

So, I went back home last weekend. I brought back my Islamic Law notes to do the assignment and Tort Law text book to do the studying. But, I spent most of the Friday sleeping. And most of Saturday reading blankly from a book my dad borrowed from his colleague called "Pengantar smth smth smth Syariat", yeap, in Malay, for the assignment. Since I don't even understand the title of the book, it's not surprising that I don't get a single thing from the texts inside as well. 

So much trouble for one assignment but it turned out we didn't even need to present at all, because there's not enough time. But hey, we are not complaining. 

Anyway, since I was totally bored and refused to touch the Tort book, I decided to utilize the good connection at home and downloaded some new music. And this, is a pretty good album which I have not heard for a while now. Beautiful lyrics on top of all.

Go download it/buy it/burn it/whatever. It's worth a listen. 

Oh, and I can't wait for Jon McLaughlin's new album. Even though I am pretty sure nothing on the album will top Beautiful Disaster and Indiana from his first. But still.


Jon McL singing Beautiful Disaster with a piano. Most beautiful piano performance I've seen. Wanted to embed the thing but it was disabled by request. 


11:16 AM

It's all well for Liverpool in the CL so far. We won 2-1 against Marseille. Didn't watch the match but Stevie scored both goals. So, you legend Stevie! His form is always great right after he came back from injury.

He's NOT the only one. Having missed most of last season due to a metatarsal injury(Damn those Adidas boots!), Danny Agger was superb during pre-season. But the great form of Carra and Skrtel means Danny is denied 1st team action since the start of the season. So, reports from Denmark say he's unhappy at the club and with his contract running out by the end of this year, he's hinting that he might quit the club during the January transfer window because Liverpool has yet to make a new offer for him.

Rick 'the snake' Parry says they are drafting out a new contract for him and both he and Rafa assured Danny that he's in the club's long term plan. Phewwww. 

It's understandable why he is frustrated. When you know you are as good as the other two, if not better in certain aspects, but still can't even make the bench in some of the matches, who wouldn't be? But, keep the faith Danny Boy, keep the faith. 

At times like this is why I like the picture of him laughing opened mouth in the sun so much. Oh, Ru did a painting of that, and it's on her blog(clicky). The drawing is freaking good! Ahahah, and she named it "Danny for May". Thanks girl! The painting made my day! :D

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Sunday, September 14, 2008 12:08 PM

Liverpool 2 - Manchester 1.

I feel so fucking good that words can't describe. You know it's that kind of happiness that you walk around grinning for no apparent reason, and even after a night of sleep, you still wake up grinning and feeling great? That's the kind of mood all we Kopites are in right now, you bet. To see the face of that Fungusface when their goalie and defender screwed up and sitting on the bench sulking, when our super sub Babel scored the winning goal! In contrast, Sammy Lee's reaction when Babel scored the winner is priceless. Well, as usual, Rafa is yelling FURTHER instructions at the player and looking at his watch and being emotionless when Babel scored. So, you go Sammy!

So, we are cursed against them? Rubbish. We totally outplayed them so much that in the 2nd half it makes you wonder did they even show up at all. And at long last, we have a fair referee who don't crack under pressure for a match like this. And take that Vidic, for trying to kill Xabi. 

It's ridiculous that this being the 4th match of the season to have people start talking about our chances of challenging the title based on this single match. But we all know that's exactly what is going to happen. We lose, they say, that's it, Liverpool still can't do it. They play rubbish football. But with a win like this, you bet it boosts the players confidence. 

Let's see where we are 6 months down the road. 

Saturday, September 13, 2008 7:25 PM

I'm so pissed now even eating 2 Mars Bars in a row did not help. No, it has nothing to with the match. I mean it's not even kick-off yet. It's more to do with annoying and insensitive people. You know sometimes, it is really not PMS, it's just people.

Okay, maybe it has a little bit to do with the match. Formation's out, Agger is not even on the bench. You know who are? Stevie and Nando. Ok, Steve and Nando are not 100% fit. That's why they took the places on the bench, but still.

Step up, lads, time to step up. 

So, Keane vs. Berbatov. You keep talking Keano...let's show us something.

Let's hope 2 hours later, I won't feel the need of eating another 2 Mars Bars, because I'm totally out of stock. And it's going to be 2 weekends in a row and I believe weekends like this drive people to kill themselves. 


2:02 PM

They are fit. They are back in training. I say, "bring it on, Mancs!" Can't freaking wait for the match tonight.

Anyway, I think I'm much more used to seeing the lads in the jerseys or training kits than the stuff below. Seriously, they should stick to football and forget all about modeling. Maybe Xabi is the only one who can do it right with the sex look he has. I mean he looks good without trying too hard. Unlike uhmm, say, Stevie. 

But man, Stevie can "pose". With a smile as well. But what's with the legs Captain?

Carra: "Someone fucking get me outta here!"

And *drum rolls*, my Agger.


Okay, I'm not even going to think of how thin he looks. He needs to gain some pounds back. But just look at those tatts! Epitome of sexiness, no?

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Thursday, September 11, 2008 8:42 PM

There is something about this picture. It tranquilizes me. Maybe it's the colour, maybe its the surfer, or the girl holding the camera. Or maybe it's simply because it is Dreamland Beach. 

Yes, I'm looking ahead. 

Things have been pretty shitty for a while now. It's just all these little things pilling up. Like acid reflux. I have no idea what that is precisely but I learnt it from House. I need a getaway, or a good vent. 

So, it's THE match this Saturday. With both Stevie and Nando out, we'll see. Robbie Keane to score the winning goal anyone? And if Agger is still given the holy task of warming the bench, I shall march into Rafa's office and demand an explanation. But then again, looking at Sami who was left out of CL due to the stupid 8 home grown players new rule, maybe it isn't that bad for Agger.

I might be going back to Segamat tomorrow. Depends on whether the roomie and I can get the tickets or not. Keeping my fingers crossed, cause I miss my red colour bedroom. And basically everything in it down to my bolster. My newly purchased Barney one in my room here just doesn't really do it. I think Barney doesn't amuse me as much anymore. 

Happy Mooncake/Lantern Festival! Who thinks Chang Er is overrated, hands up?

Update: I'm going home tomorrow morning, yeshhh. Just got the tickets. 

Saturday, September 6, 2008 12:09 AM

Baila El Chiki Chiki. This is the song which represented Spain in the Eurovision 2008 in Belgrade which was held in May. It is not the most intellectual songs among those applied. But, oh well, Spain voted. And it is no doubt a fun song. I mean listening to the singer pronouncing "Michael Jackson" as "Michael Yeakksohn" is already something. 

However, listening to it while applying nail polish is a no-no. Reminds me of Residente Calle 13. "Atrevete-te-te..."

Did our drama presentation for Malaysian Studies yesterday. The topic is message of unity through advertisements. I played Mrs. William who married an Englishman and I don't discriminate. I feel like a hypocrite, you know with all the trying to convince people of something I don't believe in, and never will. "There is no difference between Malaysian Malay, Malaysian Chinese and Malaysian Indian", "Be colour blind, be united". I mean who are we kidding. But that aside, we got 13/15 for the drama. Considering that we only came up with the script last Monday and practiced for 2 days, and taken into account the technical errors which we can't solve after 40 minutes the morning itself, I'd say it's all good.

It's Bye Finn, and Bienvenido Riera!
Tuesday, September 2, 2008 6:30 PM

As our performance go from bad to worse, we draw positive(hopefully) from the a new signing. 

We drew the Villa match. We were shite. We were clueless. We played so badly that it's a good thing that I was in a bad mood before the match even started hence I couldn't feel any worse during the match. I have never, ever see the team play like this before. Ok, maybe I have, but we suck so much that even that isn't the point. There was one occasion, one occasion, that we can win the match and get the 3 points and a perfect record heading into the international break. But, all I have to say is "DAMN YOU, ROBBIE KEANE!" If it was Nando, okay,no need Nando, even Voronin can score that goal! Got return policy or not ar? Or is good sold not returnable. As if losing Stevie to groin injury after the Liege match and Keane blowing that super nice set up from Masch is not bad enough, Nando pulled his hamstring. Words is that he'll be out for 3 weeks. Just great, we got Mancs after the international break. This is just great. IF only we have David Villa. Damn Yanks.

Amidst all those, a positive note is that we signed a left winger. Albert Riera from Espanyol. Apparently he's a good player. And we do need width in the squad. So, hopefully, he'll prove to be a good signing. But, as part of the deal(which we'll see Rafa/the club deny it later), Finnan is gone. The Steve Finnan who's so consistent, who used to play for us week in week out, until Alvie was signed. So, thank you Finnan! You'll always be our unsung hero and Irish Matt Damon. 

And welcome to the club, Riera!

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6:07 PM

How's your Merdeka break?

So, I'm back in Melaka. Did quite a lot of traveling these few days, especially yesterday. Went to KLIA in the morning to send cousin sister off to Taiwan to further study. The 1 year age gap between us and being the only 2 girls among the cousins mean that the 2 of us were inseparable when we were younger. I remember how I used to look forward and get all excited when her family is coming back to Segamat from KL. And we will spend hours talking about LeeHom(our obsession back then), and just about anything in the universe. These talking usually continue into late night much to the annoyance of our parents, because we were supposed to sleep early and blahh. As the years passed by, we seem to have grew apart with each of us having a new set of friends and hold different values towards life. But, the bond created when we were young, is nonetheless, still there. So, take good care of yourself, En She!

After KLIA, we traveled to Seremban. Haven't been there in ages. And my close friends probably know my story with Seremban, but to put it simply, Seremban is my 2nd home, godmum's place is the only place beside my own home that I feel completely at ease with. Godsis and the baby boy is back in Seremban from Singapore, so it's really nice to see them. He and godbro's daughter make the cutest baby ever. Whatever one does, the other will copy. Be it climbing up the couch, chairs, table or whatever you can think of, or dancing and singing, or drawing on the floor with colour pencil. It's like seeing a pair of cartoon characters in motion! 

I completely dread classes. And assignments. Feel like staying in Seremban for a few more days. I love spending time there cause it takes my mind off everything! Without Internet connection there, I only occupy myself with sleeping, eating, spending time with the kids, and a very little amount of TV.