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Who cares if it's full or empty,
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An inspiring lecture by an inspiring individual.
Thursday, July 31, 2008 6:40 PM

What would you do if you were told by your oncologist that you've just got 3 to 6 months of good health after the cancer tumour has spread to your liver? And there are like 10 tumors in there.

I don't know about you, but I'll pretty much sulk in bed and literally drown in self pity. But that was not the case for the late Carnegie Mellon professor Dr. Randy Pausch. He said, "I will not be the victim of self-pity, and I don't do grim." And then he went on to deliver a Last Lecture, as part of the tradition of Carnegie Mellon University where each year notable professors from the university will deliver a Last Lecture based on the hypothesis that they are going to die and this will be the last lecture to teach the students the lessons of life. Except for Dr. Pausch, as he put it, there is an elephant in the room. His last lecture was really going to be the last lecture. The lecture which was named "Really Realising Your Childhood Dreams", not only changed the life of Carnegie Mellon's students, but also the millions who viewed the full lecture on youtube.

A summarised version done by Dr. Pausch on Oprah

He delivered the lecture with such humility, humour, passion, and enthusiasm that it is impossible not to be moved by him. During the days of fighting cancer, he really lived up to the phrase, "live life to the fullest". Among others, he testified before the Congress, co-written a book called The Last Lecture, and appear in Star Trek following a personal invitation by JJ Abrams. 

A few of the quotes from the lecture that I love.

In realising our dreams, we will often run into brick walls and Dr. Pausch said, 

"The brick wall is there for a reason. it is not there to keep you out. It is there to see how much you want that thing. It is there to keep the other people out."

"Experience is what you get when you didn't get you wanted." 

"We cannot change the cards we are dealt, just how we play the hand."

He said it's great that so many people benefited from his lecture. But he only wrote the lecture for 3 people. His kids. 

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Damned if you do, damned if you don't.
Wednesday, July 30, 2008 11:54 PM

Found out something which fits the puzzle. Should've known this earlier but guess I was too blind to see it. They knew it would play nicely. They knew if they tell me point blank I won't fold. 

Fine, this is still people vs. thing, if I were to look at it superficially. Discounting the fact that it will be a great experience. I fucking gave that away. Yeah, I fucking did. As of this evening itself. It's too late for anything to be done now.

This, I can take. 

But, 3 years down the road, it's no more as simple as people vs. thing. And no one makes any decision for me EXCEPT MY FUCKING SELF.


No one is pure evil?
10:33 AM

Yesterday sucks.

It's not the Tort paper, no. Tort was fine. Wished I had more time but oh well. It's more about dealing with people that pisses me off the entire day. Well, almost. Until I got home after class and we cook ourselves a nice dinner and played a few rounds of cards. The importance of friends when you are away from the family. I am grateful.

So, anyway, it's amazing or should I say pathetic that a person with so much experience(well, I'd assume that if experience comes with age) can never ever admit that she's wrong? That is why I didn't want to explain or even contradict what she said. But to go one step further and indicate that I'm a person who's unreasonable and with no brain? This is exactly what I'm talking about. And if she thinks my silence is respect, well, she can't be more wrong. My silence is to save my ass. Much as I hate her as a person, she's good in teaching and I want to pass my paper. I'm just glad that she's not any of my family members or my close friends, I wouldn't want to have such a person to deal with. Randy Pausch said, "No one is pure evil. Give them some time and they will surprise you. When people do something that piss you off, you just need to have some patience." Well, to her, I'd say screw it. I don't care. Some people are just not worth the wait. I'm angry because despite how much I want to stand up for myself, I can't. There's bigger things at stake. This is exactly why a student's life sucks too. 

And do you know that sheep is insensitive? How do you deal with that? There's no hint from Paulo Coelho in The Alchemist. Or at least I failed to realise it. I think I should email him or something. Or I guess when sheep is insensitive, we just need to apply the above quote by Randy Pausch.

Oh, and we signed Robbie Keane from Spurs for 18 mil. With all the coverage from .tv itself, I think we are quite safe to say that this is THE big signing for us this season. Yeah, rather him than Barry. I wonder how many accountants they brought in to pull off this deal. With his quality and Nando's quality, it will be a lethal partnership. Hopefully. And oh, he's a Liverpool fan since young, so I think we can expect a lot of commitment and also passion. 

(So long, Villa.)  

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It's a great place to be.
Sunday, July 27, 2008 10:02 AM

Just when I thought I got nothing out of the whole MAA situation, I was proven wrong. I even started blaming it on the universe for not conspiring for me. Wise. 

Well, once and for all, I'm fine, people. Really. I don't need more hugs LOL. Actual or virtual. I'm going to die of suffocation if I were to be given one more hug. BUT, I do appreciate all the kind and comforting words. You guys are great friends. And for those who are going to the show, just be greater friends and tell me every detail of the experience!

"Experience is what you get when you don't get what you want." Initially I thought it doesn't apply to my situation. I mean Randy Pausch was talking about NFL dream. But the things I learnt from this situation of not being able to go to the show, is experience in a different way. And I need to thank Alberto for the philosophy, the people and things and the whole dependency issue, and most important of all, showing me that there's a great place to be in every sucky situation. It sucks, but I can't change the cards I'm dealt but I can control the way I play the hand, right?  You are a great friend, mi amigo! So, it's 40 euros altogether? I'll write you an IOU. Heheh.

Ok, am off to study for the Tort paper. How (not) interesting. Don't think anyone is lagging behind as much as I do. I'm dead.


Dear God.
Saturday, July 26, 2008 10:18 PM

I know it's the right thing to do, but it doesn't mean I'm ok with it.

Disappointed sial

Edit: Ok, I shall elaborate here. I can't take people asking left, right and center about it on MSN/facebook/text messages anymore. The more I talk about it, the more disappointed I feel. And the more disappointed I feel, the more suicidal I feel. And suicidal is NOT good.

Some of you know that I got 2 tickets for MAA from the Road Show at Cineleisure last weekend. Went all the way there. Had to try my best cause Click is performing. Wasn't really excited a few days back. But had been talking to a lot of Clickers since then(Melissa the latest, earlier this evening itself) and got myself really EXCITED and all hyped up. 

Created an event and sent the invitations out on facebook. Messaged Ben about the small show he hinted. Talked to Sylvia about the probable scrapbook. Wrote a little something for Ethan with the picture we took back in June. The Awards is 1 week away. 7 days. 

The point is, I'm half way there. Well, more than half way there like Sylvia said. And then, got a phone call from mum 2 hours ago, telling me about a talk dad has been organising. Yeah, he's giving a talk about further studies in Taiwan to the general public on the same day as MAA. So, I have to be back in my hometown.

It's my obligation as a daughter. They don't have to ask me to be home, I'll be there myself. Because I have to be there. My brother will be there. The whole family will. To help him out and show our support. I won't survive my own guilt if I go to MAA instead of being at my dad's talk too. I just hope I had been made known about this talk earlier, way earlier. At least so I don't have to feel so disappointed. (All the ridiculous hours sending ridiculously huge numbers of entries for ucrash and wasting my time ridiculously.)

Right. Am off to lick my wound. Again, things like this, is exactly why life sucks. But you gals just go enjoy yourself on my behalf! And Sylvia, there's no need to feel down. Don't be ridiculous! =p 

May is a month.
Friday, July 25, 2008 1:11 AM

Well. I know I just said I'm off to bed, but I'm not sleepy at all. Must be the damn tea at Witchery after tennis. 

Anyway, am kinda fed up at how people always misspell my name. It's Yin May, not Yin Mei. For the love of God. Seriously, almost everyone does it. Do I have problem pronouncing my name? I hope not. I mean I'm not Russell alright. Hehe, this backpacker from London is class, when he pronounce his name, it always come out as "flufffers". So, he has to get his friend to do it for him every time he meet new people. Almost laughed myself off the chair when he introduce himself during our brief meeting.

So, here's a name meme I stole from Winnie. Again. Heheh. Thanks Winnie!

Type your name in Googlism.com and copy and paste the first 15 results.

may is national asthma and allergy awareness month
may is okay (okay only ar?)
may is childhood depression awareness day
may is physical fitness month
may is tea harvest season in
may is national arthritis month
may is national electrical safety month
may is national bbq & hamburger month
may is art month
may is national
may is national electric safety month
may is cashew month
(okayyyy. what does one do in cashew month?)
may is a crypto
may is prime time to plant vegetables
may is building her house by richard le gallienne

Who knows the month of May has so many causes attached to it huh. But National BBQ & Hamburger Month? Like WTF?

Alright, I know Ethan is not exactly my name, but like I said, I can't sleep and I'm bored. Here goes, results for Mr. Mentzer.

ethan is chief of survivor tribe
ethan is weird
(wouldn't know but hope he's not)
ethan is dog
ethan is on the front porch
ethan is not an idiot (
true. he wrote "Don't Let Me Go", so he's far from one.)
ethan is here
(How I wish la!)
ethan is one month old
(huh?! no!)
ethan is chief of survivor tribe new york
ethan is bigger than me
ethan is headed out that way
ethan is about 22 months now
(that many babies are named Ethan? Seriously.)
ethan is looking at his birthday present
(probably not)
ethan is made craftsecond
ethan is in the eleventh grade in houston county
ethan is a hunk
(YESHHHH. SIIIII. YESSSS. YA. YEAP. *nods head in agreement*)

Not tagging anyone. Do it if you are bored, it's kinda fun lol.

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Universe, are you conspiring?
12:45 AM

When you really want something, all the universe conspires in helping you to achieve it. -- Paulo Coelho, The Alchemist.

I certainly hope so. You wouldn't believe how much I want that particular thing.

Anyway, tennis earlier tonight was shite. For me at least. Foot started cramping up during warm up. I think that's a first. I mean, who cramp up during warm up?! Then it was the thigh, hurting like hell in the middle of the game that our coaches love to play. Lining up and let the winning team aim and serve at us?! Carry on like this I won't be surprise if I have brain damage one day. (Note to self: Get a Peter Cech "helmet" pronto.) And then the pain transfered to my back. It's STILL hurting. Damn. And I need to work on my backhand and serving BIG TIME. Those 2 has always been my weakness, especially backhand. My left hand never feel comfortable. Never. 

Enough of ranting I think, am off to bed. Nights. 

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Nueve dias!
Thursday, July 24, 2008 1:03 PM

Is there such thing as not mentally prepared to see a your favorite band perform?

This is exactly how I feel right now. 9 days from now, I'll see The Click Five performing at MTV Asia Awards, 2 months shy after the concert in Genting back in June. But, to tell the truth, I am not prepared. Seriously. I don't feel anything like how I felt a week before the concert. I'm counting down and all, but still.

But whatever, screw it. Give me a few more days to let the whole thing register and sink in, and I'm sure I can feel the excitement. 

A picture to speed things up?

Clickers, you girls excited? I think I need help to get myself psyched up.

On a side note, was planning to go catch Panic in concert the Tuesday after MAA since it's during the midterm break and all, but looks like I gotta scratch that plan since I've got like 4 freaking midterm papers after the break. Life sucks. Especially, a student's.

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The boy and the old man.
Tuesday, July 22, 2008 6:33 PM

In The Alchemist, the boy was reading a book in the plaza. An old man approached him and try to strike up a conversation. After studying the old man for a few seconds, the boy was convinced that this is a useless old man who doesn't know anything about the world and sure as hell doesn't know how to read. The boy thus keep the conversation at minimal level trying to avoid unnecessary trouble. So, when the old man asked him what book is he reading, he showed the book cover to the old man, thinking that when the old man won't be able to read the title, he would realise that how pointless this conversation is and be so embarrass of himself and leave the boy alone.

But it turned out that the old man not only manage to read the title, he even tell the boy what the book is about. A book which tell the greatest lie in the whole world. And the old man turned out to be the King of Salem. A place which the capacity of the boy's knowledge hasn't manage to recognise.

It tells us that, we shall not judge a book by its cover. And delving further, that people are often not what we perceive them to be. 

No, this is not a review.   


Of outcomes that I don't like.
12:51 AM

That says it all. I hate how every little incidents turned out today. Like how the Islamic Law lecturer whom I presumed doesn't know my name called my name out loud in lecture when I'm highlighting the meaningful parts from The Alchemist. Like how that I missed a huge portion of the Click concert footage on MTV, I saw like the last 5 seconds.  Who cares that I won the next 3 rounds of Chor Tai Di right after the footage ended. Who cares. And as a result, I kind of hate how the day turned out. 

Things were, above all, confusing. And undesirable. 

But hey, like Paulo Coelho said in The Alchemist, the sky is the darkest before dawn. And right before someone found their treasure, things will be the toughest because that is when they will be tested with everything that they have learn along the way. And that is also the point that most people give up. The point where if you dig another inch and you will hit the chest that contains gold coins. 

Hope things will be better by the end of this week. 

We will survive. (Ohh, the image of Nole doing the Karaoke at Roland Garros last year is all over my mind now. Gahhh. Novak Djokovic!)


A proper countdown?
Sunday, July 20, 2008 1:04 AM

Met up with Ru today and FINALLY, we remember to bring our camera and took a picture. Had brunch together and Sylvia and LiWen met up with us and we went for the MTV Asia Awards Road Show trying to win some tickets. But it basically turned out to be watching people jumping and screaming and waving their arms in the air for Ru and me. And we are relatively short, so no matter how high I raise my hand, Taya the host never see us. And since we were almost at the point of being crushed, we went off and walk around instead. Had ice cream at IKEA and for 1 buck, it's nicer than the McD one I must say. My brother joined us later and we went to see hamster doing BACKFLIPS in the pet shops. More details of it at Ru's blog. Lol, any chance of putting the video up Ru?

After Ru left for her art class, went back to the Road Show to meet up with Syl and LiWen. When I got there, Taya was like "this is your last chance for today to win the tickets!". Well, thinking this is my last chance practically, so I raised my hand and started jumping. Except that people are jumping right in front of the stage and I'm jumping way back at where I was standing. But hey, Taya saw me and picked me to go on stage lol! It was close, really close. I got the 4th song right, cause if I were to be the last one left on stage and they were to play me the 5th song, then I'm dead. Because I have no idea what song is that when they play it for the last girl left on stage. Haha, The Killers shall be my lucky band from now on. Ru said, things happen when you least expect it. That's how I got the pair of tickets lol.

And more pictures from today.

Guess we are seeing Click real soon! :) For those who are going to the road show tomorrow, GOOD LUCK!

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Red Cliff + Brokeback Mountain = Brokeback Cliff?
12:40 AM

Been having a bit of movie marathon this few days.

1st it was The Dark Knight on Thursday. It was totally not what I expected but in a good way. Don't want to give out too much here just in case, but yeah, who says the villain always lose? Well, maybe The Joker did lose in a way, but on the other hand, those fighting for the goods doesn't exactly triumph too. It makes you think. And must I say, Heath Ledger portrays the character to perfection, BUT I wouldn't want to remember him like this. It's scareyyyy. *runs to my Brokeback Mountain DVD* I prefer Ernie del Mar more.

Watched Hell Boy with my brother yesterday. Like Hancock, it is not that kind of movie that I would want to watch twice. Well, it's your typical superhero movie. But I have to admit the soundtrack of the movie provides some really good laugh throughout the movie. Especially the beautiful freak part and the can't smile without you singing session between Red and Fishstick. Not to mention that moment is a bit gayness too.

Gayness, brings me to the 3rd movie which I watched with my brother and some friends earlier today, Red Cliff. I'll come back to the gay part later but all in all it's a great movie. I think that's pretty much expected when you have a movie starring a bunch of great actors. All of them portrays the historical characters well. Tony Leung is extremely good I thought. And so is Hu Jun and Takeshi Kaneshiro. But, I think John Wu has lost it for a few scenes between Zhu Ge Liang(Takeshi) and Zhou Yu(Tony Leung). It was supposed to be scenes which portrays the understanding they have regarding warfare, and it was supposed to be very manly. BUT the "jamming session" between them(supposedly Zhou Yu is using the music to tell Zhu Ge Liang that he will join Liu Bei's army), and that balcony scene where Zhou Yu asked Zhu Ge Liang "what are you thinking?" is so GAY. Not to mention all the meaningful exchanging looks between the two throughout the movie. It's almost like Chinese version of Brokeback Mountain. And it is not fun trying to contain our laughters during scenes like this in a fully packed cinema.

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Friday, July 18, 2008 8:56 AM

Each drop spreads and spells a passage
Soon I'll reclaim this dull history
The seamstress weaves shut the stitches
But re-opens the same memory 
- The Honorary Title, Anything Else But The Truth


Of a stolen meme and the rest.
Tuesday, July 15, 2008 11:23 PM

I'm restless the entire day for no apparent reason. And people are being total a-holes today(Sara said I should practice censored swearing, but I don't guarantee it will become a practice). 1st of all, the damn university. Because of their ruling which the reason is obviously to get more of my parents hard earned money, I have to sit through a whole semester of Malaysian Studies lectures AGAIN. And nope, I did not fail my paper earlier. And yes, I'm restraining from swearing right here, right now. And 2nd-ly, Hitz. I feel for you, Sylvia. But cheer up girl, all's not lost. I'll see you this Saturday and we shall try our best at the road show.

Besides that, watched the last 30 minutes of the much anticipated debate. I have to say, for a person who's expecting it to be like the debate on West Wing between Santos and the other guy(can't remember his name, starts with V is it?), it's totally disappointing. Debate like this is all about convincing people and in the process of doing so, I accept the fact that there will be a certain degree of lying done by both parties. But the lies that we are hearing from our beloved minister is his closing statement especially, is ridiculous. I have only one reply to his "mengagung-agungkan"(does this word even exist?) Malaysia statement, that is "YEAH RIGHTTT."

And here's a meme I stole from Maria over at LiveJournal and also from Winnie. Unlike most of the memes out there, this is actually quite fun. 

Ok, I'm supposed to take a picture of my bag, and take out all the items inside, arrange them, take a picture of it, and then talk about the bag each item in details. So here goes.

This is my recently purchased super cheap bag from Melaka Mall. I love the fact that I can dump everything inside and I don't have to worry about it getting dirty since it's black.

Ok, the stuff inside. 

1) Books. The Sudoku puzzle book which I can't live without nowadays. And Paulo Coelho's The Alchemist, which I blogged about in my last entry.

2) The Rosary which I carry in my bag all the time. When you stay in the apartment I'm staying, carrying something like that with you all the time is essential. And I'm not the most superstitious person in the world.

3) The handphone. This is my 3rd one and I love this the most. Even though it can't play wma files albeit it being a walkman phone. 

4) My pencil case for classes(I have another huge ass one which is too heavy to bring it around campus and there's like a million of pens inside which I don't use, so yeah). Been using this since secondary school, I think it was Form 2? It is ancient.

5) On top of it, the keys. With all 3 key chains on it from Australia!(It's a fact that I just realised!) The blue kangaroo one from Siew Mee from her Aussie trip; the grey one behind the kangaroo is the Nike Melbourne one from Andrew which I got it way back in 2002 when we went over to Aussie; and the swan shape one from Wunnie on my birthday last year.

6) The Gatsby Oil Clear Sheets which I don't really use it anymore. Panadols. Body Shop lip balm which taste like chocolate, and Skin Food lip gloss which I have been using since forever. I can't seem to finish it!

7) My mini mirror and comb which my brother goes "yewwww" because it says "Cool Cat" behind the mirror complete with a bloody ugly cat. It's the cheapest on display so who cares lol.

8) The iPod and my favourite key chain attached to the pouch. The Australian Open mini tennis ball key chain from Wunnie! It's a real tennis ball, and it bounces. And my brother loves bouncing it cause it gets on my nerves whenever he does that. Urgh. Brothers I tell you.

9) Pen drive and my latest obsession when it comes to sweets. Ricola's. 

10) My fake Esprit purse which is red in colour. The Liverpool red. Heheh.

I'm not tagging anyone, but if you want to do it just go ahead. It'll be interesting to see what's in your bag! =p

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What is your destiny?
1:28 AM

You wouldn't believe how much I love Alberto right now for recommending this book to me.

It's about a shepherd boy's magical journey to find the treasure of the world. A boy who loves traveling. A boy who pursue his dreams regardless of what is perceived and expected of him.

In essence, it's about discovering our own destiny and sticking to it. And at the same time, it's about questions, faith, happiness and every other thing in life.

I've finished part one of the book. And, I don't want to be the sheep in the story, but at the same time I will always go back to the sheep when I'm on my way, as everything is one. 

The book is so thought provoking that even a simple line like "So, what is Salem like?", "It's like it always has been." embodies a deeper meaning. I'm in a different place when I read the book. Never once have a book spoken to me like this, I'm NOT exaggerating. 

And yes, I know exactly why you recommended this book to me Alberto. So, muchas gracias.   


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Say what?
Sunday, July 13, 2008 11:50 AM

This is what I have been doing the whole weekend. Sudoku, Sudoku and Sudoku. Went to Popular on Friday and saw the book with Q Jin, and was like "wth, just get it la, too much ipod quiz in lecture makes my neck hurts." It took me forever to solve my 1st ever puzzle, but I'm hooked.

I did nothing yesterday except that. I'm doomed.

On a side note, I'm once again surprised by the stupidity of this certain supposedly human being(but his mental capacity made me doubt that he is one). For those of you who know who I am talking about, good for you, perhaps I need Wesley Gibson to curl some bullets for me. For those who don't know, don't bother asking, just in case it's you. LOL.


"He is not our target"
Friday, July 11, 2008 1:54 PM

There. Rafa said it. Villa is not our target. Speaking at the unveiling of Degen and Dossena, he said, "We know Villa is a very good player, we know the price(another way of saying we don't have the effing money. Screw you bloody Yanks!), and we know the players we have, so when you consider everything we decided he was one of our names, but at this moment, not our target." Looks like it's "adios Villa" for us and perhaps "hasta luego?" 

Anyway, is it only me or is our new boy Philipp Degen always smiling? He is all smiles during the press conference! Agger and him sure make great eye candies *ahem* I mean full backs. Hopefully he won't disappoint us. I'm really worried about free signing thanks to our Voromir lookalike. 


Smiling also

still smiling

Still smiling...


Philipp, you not tired ar?

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Inspired but not really aspired.
Thursday, July 10, 2008 11:29 PM

IF that make sense. 

I'm inspired by Ana and Nole. Ever since I became a huge fan of them. Watching them running about the court makes me the sportsy side of me itch. 

Ana at it.

It's been ages since I held a tennis racquet. I almost forgot how nice it feels until earlier tonight. The coaching session was alright, definitely prefer this new coach than Uncle Mak, only because the latter was so strict that sometimes he makes me think that I am undergoing training for some big ass tournament.

My legs hurt right now, but it was nice. Too bad it rained, so we were deprived of at least another hour of fun! 

And I think I'm more of a sport person than a musical instrument person. I never really look forward to the next lesson when I was learning Er Hu or guitar, but you bet I'm looking forward to the next tennis lesson. Very much so. 

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Learn to Live and more.
12:07 AM

I'm not promoting it for Joey, well, maybe a little. But there is a point to be made later in this entry.

So, LTL is a project with T-shirts designed by Joey Zehr of The Click Five. It's a pretty amazing project if you ask me. Not only did he design all the shirts, he did the entire webpage too. Compared to the official Click site which is also done by Joey dearest, I personally prefer the LTL webpage.

Here's one of the shirt that I want to get my hands on, BUT they don't ship to Malaysia. What's with the "We ship everywhere" Joey?

So, LTL stands for Learn to Live, as Joey put it. Oh, and also Learn to Love, Live to Laugh and Live to Love. As Joey put it too.

As of this afternoon onwards, LTL also means more responsibilities and commitment from me towards couchsurfing, which is another GREAT project which I have come to love. Hopefully I do not slack off. You have the permission to knock my head if I slack off, Yung-Chung. 

Check out Couch Surfing here and here and here. It's totally a great project if you love traveling or simply meeting people from across the globe. What's a better way to learn about a country from its people? And also if you love the feeling of the whole world coming together and achieve something that matters on a volunteer basis, this is really the place for you to get involved. 

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Gloomy summer in terms of football indeed
Wednesday, July 9, 2008 11:12 AM

Was reading this article by Aaron Cutler over at This Is Anfield, which totally sum up how I feel and I'm sure this is how most of all Liverpool fans feel across the globe too. We are not excited about the new season at all.

The thing is simple seriously. Let's see how many players have left the club so far, regardless of their quality and the role they play. Riise, Kewell, and Crouchy. And on the other hand, who has we signed? Degen, on free, and nothing good comes free, look at Voronin; Dossena who seem to worship the Mancs; and also Nikola Saric, a 17 year old Danish striker. To replace Crouchy? Nope. So as it stood, we only have Torres, Kuyt and Voronin the useless Voromir lookalike as strikers. Or as Cutler put it "Voronin who...words fail me, as goals fail him." And I've talked about our midfield yesterday. Only the defence looks OK in terms of spine. Compared to last summer, with the arrival of Nando and the like of Babel and Yossi, no wonder this summer is gloomy.

Of course we are linked with the big names. Villa, Silva, Barry. And even Andrei Arshavin as of this morning. Out of the 3, Barry looks most likely to be playing in red this coming season. But, is he worth losing Alonso over? I still do not think so. We are going to miss Xabi if he really do leave. Who has a better vision and passing than him? From the Xabi for Barry deal, we can see what the owners are doing, selling to buy. So, yeah right, as if they are going to fork up 30 odd millions each for Villa, Silva or Arshavin. We are getting free players, and looking for players under 10 mil and anything more than 15mil seems impossible for us. So, thanks a lot Hicks and Gillett. Thanks for "bringing the club forward". Not to mention our invisible new stadium. All the fucking talk and not a single soil being moved. Where the heck is the gravel? 

At times like this, no wonder even the players are weary about talks on the title challenge and landing the 19th. Well, Nando as an exception, him and his "ness sea-soo-ohn, we win the league", because I truly believe that was pretty much the only thing he was required to memorise from the English class the club provided him last season. I say, ness sea-soo-ohn, we win anything, anything at all, will be good enough given our situation now. A 3rd trophy-less season is too much to bear. I can see Souness face in my head now. Damn him. 

Let's hope things will pick up in the next couple of weeks. Here's to hoping and walking on with hope in my heart. 

So emotion laden can die, this post.  


Serious? David Silva?
Tuesday, July 8, 2008 9:42 PM

I'm SICK of reading all the Barry, no Barry news recently. Stupid Villa. Stupid owners. Saw this sig over at RAWK which read "Mr. Hicks, please get the hell lost before we are forced to release Mascherano and Skrtel on you." You have no idea how much I want to do that now. 

If we were to believe any of the rumours out there on football sites, then this is the piece that will keep me on high 3 days straight. Rafa is spending the Crouchy money on DAVID SILVA. Si, si, that's what I want to read, not the Barry shite. But, Silva at Anfield sounds a bit too good to be true.

Besides that, Lucas has been called up to the Brazilian squad for Olympics, so good for him. Masch is likely to be called up to the Argentina squad too, which Rafa is bound to make a lot of noise but are you seriously thinking about stopping a lad to be part of Olympics? If Xabi were to leave (please don't.), that leaves us with who in the central midfield? Gerrard and Barry? Even if we get Barry, who's to say he'll settle right into the squad. We CANNOT afford to lose Xabi. Full stop.

Went to watch Wanted again this afternoon and skipping Malaysian Studies in the process. Don't ask me why am I even taking the class since I already took the subject back in INTI. I want to kill MMU. Anyway, love love love the movie a lot. I don't mind watching it the 3rd time seriously. I think I've got something for dark humour. Or maybe it's James McAvoy's baby blue eyes. Heheh. 

Here's a few pictures from the outing with Sara, Rachel and Q Jin last Wednesday. We so need to do this again when you come back, Rachel!

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The Ds for the new signings.
Saturday, July 5, 2008 2:07 PM

So, after Degen, we've got the signature of Andrea Dossena. He's dubbed as the perfect replacement for John Arne Riise. But I don't know, I have never heard of this guy from Udinese until he was linked to us earlier in the transfer window. Let's hope the dude is good.

You know how people always say don't judge the player until he has put on the red shirt and run about the pitch? I know I should abide to that theory, but thing is, something about Dossena makes me doesn't like him already. I don't get the happy and welcoming feeling when Degen signed for us. Maybe because he is Italian, or maybe because he didn't say "Liverpool is a great club in Europe/in England(full stop)" or etc etc, that stuff the normal new signings will say. BUT INSTEAD, he put Liverpool and the Mancs in the same level but he said it in a "Liverpool is not as good as Mancs, but I'm new so I should say they are up there with them" or some shite like that. Maybe it's lost in translation but dude, I'm watching you. Welcome to the club.

So, we've got Degen and Dossena so far. Degen joined the lads for training a few days back too. But, why am I still not feeling any excitement for the new season?! Bring us Villa or Silva? Since the Barry deal looks not to be working out. They are just asking more and more money each day and then they turned around and tell the press they are not interested. Yeah, go to hell.

Oh, and was looking at the training pics earlier and Agger is back and well. Complete with a gold chain around his neck. The type which mafia lord normally wears. What's with that Danny? Trying to live up to the rumours or something eh?

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Pepe Reina equals superloco
Friday, July 4, 2008 7:40 PM

Now I understand why in every player interview, when they are asked "who is the most vocal in the dressing room and always make the lads laugh?", the answer will be "Pepe Reina". He is super crazy. 

Going crazy on the plane back to Madrid.

Doing the Cameraroo. Which I have no idea what the heck is that but he is crazy nonetheless.

And this here is a bonus for the ladies. Bunch of Spanish players running around topless. You bet they are drunk. Yes. The spinning hug between Villa and the press guy is gayness.

Now, IF we win the league this seasohn(the way Nando pronounce it, don't play play ok), then we get to see Reina do all this? Niceeee.

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too much fun, too little work done.
5:58 PM

That pretty much sums up what the last few days have been like. Besides the usual lectures and tutorials, I have been getting nothing done except having fun like it's still the holidays and yeah, it's no good. 

Went out with Sara, Q Jin and Rachel(Sara's sis) on Wednesday and we really had a great time! It was your usual movie and camwhoring session but they always say it's the company that matters. Saw Wanted and I really really like the movie. Except I still hate the fact that Angelina Jolie is in it. But I have to say James McAvoy kicks ass. After watching Atonement, I have to say I have doubt about him playing Wesley Gibson in an action movie, but he is more than convincing. He got us all laughing, screaming and answering his random questions in our seats. Seriously, he just go "What the fuck have you done lately?" towards the end of the movie. And no, Wesley, 6 weeks ago I was NOT pathetic. All in all, the story line is quite good, with all the twists to keep us intrigued throughout the movie. Love the humour, love the guy, love the story line, but I have to say I'm not a big fan of the special effects. Bullets that curl?! Yeah right.

After class yesterday, watched Hancock with Sara and Rachel. Well, I have to say this is not a movie that is worth seeing it the 2nd time. It was ok, I mean it's Will Smith so you definitely got your fair dosage of humour but the story line is a bit off. What's with God making them in pair and they usually pair up and die and all that shite. It's sort of like they can't find a good explanation for his super power and so they just simply pick one off the trash cans. This is the lamest superhero movie I've ever watch in term of story line. All that hyped for nothing. One point though, Jason Bateman is good. He don't need to do much to get you laugh like hell. Or maybe it's just because of the way he looks, so he just need to say a line in his straight face and you'll start cracking up. And ru, he seriously looks like Xabi in certain aspects. Especially the nose. But Xabi has got nicer cheek bones though. Maybe Xabi will look like him in 20 years time huh?

After I got home from the movie, Joceyn the roomie, Jojo and Ah Pink asked me to go with them to MP for steamboat at Seoul Garden. Between the bread which I got earlier and a nice steamboat for dinner, obviously I chose the latter. Gosh, the fun we had. It's NOT good to laugh so hard when you are full, as we found out the hard way after the dinner. Oh yeah, I had 8 scopes of their i-still-havent-figure-out-what-flavour-is-that ice cream. It's really really nice. It ranks up there with my Baskin Robbins rum and raisins. And after the dinner, we did something so crazy that I'm putting myself on tight budget for at least 2 weeks. No more nice food, just mixed rice will do.