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Spain's the Euro 08 Champs!
Monday, June 30, 2008 9:06 AM

Torres's 33 minutes strike(and maybe the hair gel) is what makes all the difference. But throughout the night, Spain totally outplayed the Germans and even though they created some threats, the cup looked to have belong to Spain all the while. The entire squad from top to bottom just oozed qualities. And the most important thing is, they played as a unit.

The way Nando outrun P.Lahm is so damn funny. It was like Nando was on his right then he suddenly stop and run on his left side instead. He changed direction so fast that Lahm was like "EH?". And once you let Torres get pass the defenders and it's him one on one with the keeper, we all know what the outcome is most of the time. The kid is just so smart! And yeah, ru, what's with the thumb sucking? Olalla pregnant? Heheh. Be a man Nando, if that's the case. 

There are so many players who stood out that night that it would be unfair to single them out. But there a few who are superb. Casillas has always been, and was the same last night. In fact, he was impressive with all the pressure on his shoulder. Being a goalie and a captain on a night like this is NOT easy. Beside him, Sergio Ramos really stood out for me. He's everywhere, after every ball. And he nearly scored a header which he totally deserved. 

Aragones, well, what can I say, he's one brave man. Alonso for Cesc, fine la. Santi Cazorla for Silva, ok, still fine la. BUT then, Guiza for Nando AGAIN. And they were only up by 1 goal. What if Germany scored an equaliser? Then they go into ET in the final WITHOUT Nando? He's one brave man. But anyhow, credits to him for bringing Spain this far and it's a really nice way to retire. Hopefully he didn't hurt his back while being tossed in the air but the players. I bet it's Reina's idea. 

All in all, a great night of football and for Spain's football. Anyone who calls them underachievers from now on is going to get it from me. 

pics from euro2008.com

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Here we go...well almost.
Sunday, June 29, 2008 8:39 PM

It's just a few more hours and we will be witnessing the final of Euro 08 between Spain and Germany. Well, maybe more than a few more hours. But, the anticipation kills all the same. Ahhh, I miss moments like this, so I'm indulging myself in it.

Los Espanoles have got to beat the Jerries. They have simply waited too long for this, and if they were to come so close and yet missed it, it'll be heartbreaking. Seeing Terry cry in the CL final in one thing but it will be a totally different thing seeing the likes of Nando, Alonso, Casillas, my Silva =p and co. tearing up. But, I don't mind tears of joy of course!

Seriously, after watching all the replays at home during the weekend (I did rest, I lay on the couch with the remote in hand enjoying the replays of Spain matches, that's the best rest one can get alrite), I have all the confident that Spain has a little bit more than what it takes to win the cup. But with Villa out for sure, it almost certainly means that Nando will be the lone striker. (No Dani Guiza please, I still think that chico is shite even though he did get the goal against Russia) And Nando needs someone like Stevie to feed super balls to him. But from what I see, our handsome-mest midfielders like to play short balls. I do not know what the reasons are, Nando just doesn't seem settled in the squad. Maybe he feels he's not ensure with the trust that he is given at Liverpool. So, maybe Villa's absent is a blessing in disguise. I seriously hope Aragones will start Cesc, or Soler the way Gordon likes to call him. That kid is so good and he injects pace into Spain's play everytime he comes on.

 Oh well, it's Es-fucking-pana, they will make it. Whatever the odds are.

I wonder what is it like to actually be in Spain now. In the country with the people supporting their NT. Goshhh, I want to go to Spain like now!!! 

On a side note, found out yesterday that Click is coming back to Malaysia in August for MAA!! Wootttt. But guess what, that thing is going to be in Genting AGAIN. Arena of Stars AGAIN. So, they will be performing in the same venue in less than 2 months. That's sick. CRAZY SICK. I know it's not up to them this time around, but someone needs to tell Dave or whoever that there actually are OTHER places for concerts and shows in Malaysia. Hmmphh, so, the question now is, to go or not to go? And if were to go, how far to go? Heheh. I miss the fun and not to mention the guys! (More Headlight Disco pleaseee? )

David Josué Jiménez Silva
Saturday, June 28, 2008 4:20 PM

Yeah, my latest obsession. The kid on your right. 

Isn't he adorable? =p


No heartache, only headache.
Friday, June 27, 2008 9:46 PM


Spain is through to the finals yeay!! But I only watched like 24 minutes of play before the headache threaten to kill me. Anyhows, back at home now and watched the replay this afternoon. Hmmphh, this Nando is seriously not the Nando we see in the Liverpool as Paul Tomkins put it. He missed so much chances that in any given day he'll get a hat trick already.

Anyway, just went to see the Chinese tabib. And you'll think they only listen to your pulse and give you chinese medicine that taste like shite. But NO, they use temperature reader and tells me 'yeah, you've got fever' AND they give paraceptamol too! This is freaking ridiculous. So, on top of the chinese med that taste like shite, I have to continue eating panadol too.

But, for the sake of getting well and watching the Euro finals, I shall put up with this. Vamos Espana!!!

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Damn toothache!
Thursday, June 26, 2008 3:58 PM

Haven't been sick like this in a very very long time.

1st felt a bit feverish before dinner yesterday and hence went to sleep right after dinner. And the next thing I know, I was woken up by this severe toothache in the middle of the night. It's even more painful than when I was having my braces on. And because of that damn pain, didn't get any sleep at all. Should have just wake up and watch the Germany match instead of lying on the bed and not being able to fall asleep.

Worst thing is, don't know what was I thinking, woke up having a bad fever and yet still went to class. All I can say is, that Criminal Law woman is damn lo so. She just talked and talked and talked and talked. About the same old thing that she's told us endless times. By that point of the time, my throbbing headache is beyond tolerable already. Took 2 panadols FINALLY(yeah, people who know me well know I'm not a big fan of Panadol) and came back and slept my head off.

I'm well now I think. No more fever, no more toothache. And I declare myself fit to watch the Spain match! Vamos Espana! Oh Aragones no more stupid sub like guitar for nando please. Spain needs to get into the final. This is my 1st semi after the Liverpool CL one and I'll kill myself if it ends in heartache again. Urghh, sometimes I hate what football do to me.

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Exhaust problem?!
Sunday, June 22, 2008 10:51 PM

Looks like Kimi's bad spell has begun. Every season, he's bound to find himself in a phase like this. Exhaust problem?! Oh god. 1st the mistake at Monaco, then Lewis "oh I didn't see the red light" Hamilton in Monaco, and then exhaust problem in France today. He's 3rd in the drivers' championship 5 points behind the leader Massa(gosh, i hate the sound of this!) and 3 points behind Kubica who's in 2nd. Oh great, things are getting interesting race by race it seems.

Anyway, was at home for the weekend. Didn't really plan to go back but since dad is passing by Melaka on the way home from Genting, so decided to follow him home. And I'm glad I did. Met up with bunch of old friends from secondary school on Saturday and it has been ages since I talk to them proper. All we did was sat in McD and talk for hours catching up. Then later FM spent the night at my place so and we were watching Elliot Minor and TC5 clips and listened to lots of songs together. So, it was just like the old days.

For those who are going off to uni soon, all the best! I'm really going to miss Ah Miao. That woman is going off to Sabah! God knows when will I see her again! Take care you people! Time really flies, those days when we were in school and live the days without a single worry seems like yesterday.

Speaking of good luck, well, here's to Spain for the match against Italy later tonight! Won't be watching it since the class is at 10am tomorrow but you bet I'll be rooting for them all the same. Vamos Espana! Let's get into the semis and I do not care what class or shite, I'm going to watch it. 

As the motto on their official team bus reads "pase lo pase, Espana siempre!"(no matter what, Spain forever)

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Ohh, I know it all!!!
Saturday, June 21, 2008 10:53 PM

And that would be Mr. Halim Said of New Straits Time. Check out his review of TC5 concert in Genting on Sylvia's blog.

I've had enough. People writing them off before even listening to them. Just because they are effing good looking. And to have a professional reporter doing it too. This ticks me off.

Mr. Halim said the guys failed to connect. Said they need to work on their interpersonal skill.
Mr. Halim said Kyle's voice was drawn out and he was croaking.
What pissed me off the most is the way he writes is so "this fucking band knows shite about music" and "all they've got is a bunch of shrieking fans who are equally dumb".

Well, 1st of all, Mister, when you do a review, you make sure the song titles are correct. And at that, you failed. Do your homework.

And the guys failed to connect? Let's put you up there in front of a VIP area which consists of teenagers, young adults, and ADULTS(parents, no joke. yawning in their seats) accompanying their kids. On top of that, NO standing, NO banners. When the crowds are spread out like that, yeah you try to connect, Mr. Halim. It's a fucking rock concert.

Kyle was croaking? Because he was sick dumbass. Again, do your homework.

And the way he wrote the whole article is just like the way half of the music listening population talk about The Click Five. Writing them off before even giving them a listen. Just because of their image. It doesn't mean the music is not good. Obviously this Mister here don't know better and so are half of the music listening population. The difference is, Mr. Halim here is doing it as a professional and that shouldn't be allowed. 

What I am doing here may sound like a die-hard fan defending her favorite band or as Mr. Halim put it, whatever wrong the guys do "it hardly matter to their adoring fans". But seriously, I'm more pissed off with the fact that people writing them off all the time than the way some know-it-all did his review of the concert. For God's sake, he can't even get the song title correct and he judged the show by the starting 15 minutes. So, it indicates how good he is with his job to begin with. He probably is already prejudiced before the guys even got on stage. And oh, saying that they need to improve on their interpersonal skills on newspapers is personal attack, Mr. Halim. Maybe I should forward the review to Wayne or Dave. 

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It better not be an indication of the new season.
11:37 AM

Not long ago, Liverpool unveiled their new home kit for the 2008/2009 and 2009/2010 season. And it looks like this.

Despite the V-necks which we initially think its quite gay, the players pull it off. They look cool in it. Nothing wrong. In fact I love it so much I'm so going to get the ladies one.

Much anticipation was in place for the new away kit. Bear in mind that we are a club with bad experiences when it comes to away kit. We got a freaking yellow one 2 seasons back which looks like this.

Eww I know. And when the players are celebrating a goal in the kit, it looked like this.

A sea of yellow. someone pass me my shades! pronto!

And for the upcoming 2008/2009 season, Adidas present us with this.

Grey in colour. Are they fucking serious?! GREY? What kind of a football club wears a grey jersey? When I see Stevie in it, I'm like "WTH?", I'm sure he pretty much thinks the same too judging fromhis expression in that ad. Grey, so totally NO SEMANGAT. Like ashes. Like "poof", as Pei Ru puts it. And not to mention it is GAY. It looks GAY. I'm covering my eyes when they wear it in the new season.

Mothereffing Adidas, what were you thinking?! This is worst than the yellow. And hell, it's worse then Chelshit's highlight pen away shirt!

Oh, and John Arne Riise is off to Roma a few days back. Too much on my hands to do a separate post for him. So, thanks for the memories Riise. I already forgive him for scoring the own goal and screw up our chances in CL last season, yeahh totally. Good luck in Italy. "John Arne Riise, John Arne Riise, I want to know how you score that goal..." No, I'm singing about all his belters like the ones against Mancs and Barca, not the own goal.

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Getting in touch with my fangirl side
Friday, June 20, 2008 4:43 PM

The guys were in Bali for the past week. It was the last leg of their "World" Tour(it's more like Australia/Asia Tour?) and it wasn't a concert but a show at Hard Rock on Tuesday nonetheless. From what we've heard, the show was awesome. And the guys were all wearing something they wouldn't be caught dead wearing in Malaysia. A vest, that's it. Or for Joey's case, not wearing anything. Well, we've always known he can't afford a shirt. So yeah.

Ethan *my middle name is sexy* Mentzer - whoever says TC5 is a boy band, take that BACK.

So, besides that, they came bearing news from Bali. Kyle, Ethan and Joey has a girlfriend. Yeay! They are all there with them at Bali and some fans saw them walking hand in hand. You wouldn't want to know how I reacted when the girls told me over MSN yesterday night. My roomie and housemates bear witness and I think their impression of me is forever changed.

Oh well, at least that means Ethan M is NOT gay. Wheeeee. Or maybe the girlfriend thing is just a cover up like Winnie said? And how did Ethan manage to write such a heartbreaking song when he is in love with someone. 

Ahhh, whatever. I'm back to mourning. It's day 2 and tomorrow is the last day. I will get over it. Tomorrow. Damn TC5. You make me happy you make me sad. I don't know where that comes from.

Btw, I'm going home laterrrr! Yeay! *looks forward to a great connection* I have loads of stuff to download like you wouldn't believe it! And the Holland and Russia match tomorrow should be interesting! GO HOLLAND! Get us a goal Dirky!

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If I could make someone dead with my mind.
11:07 AM

It would be whoever responsible for this bloody Internet connection! For the whole day yesterday, I couldn't access any website. Hence no blogging, no spamming on cbox, no facebook-ing and NO daily footie news! This fucktards of a connection I'm tell you!

Went out with Sara and Rachel yesterday after our partially canceled Criminal Law lecture. First time meeting Rachel and I'm really glad we get along well! Haha lots of common topics I guess. She's a really really nice girl. Watched Made of Honour with them and the movie was quite good. Well, when there is McDreamy, it is bound to be good! Heheh. 

Woohoooo Portugal is OUT of Euro!(sorry winnie) I seriously do not like Gay C. Ron! Urghh, but no, I must refrain from laughing at other people's exit at least until Spain beat the gaytalians. Vamos Espana!

I soo want to go Panic's concert on Aug 4. So I need to either pray that I have reallyy good luck to win some tickets from the radio station or I need to start saving NOW. I think the latter is more practical, yes?

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P.S. I Love You
Wednesday, June 18, 2008 1:22 AM

I have never feel so much emotions at once in a single movie. Just watched the movie and my hands are actually still shaking while typing this.

It was such a beautiful movie. 

I know for a fact that I'm not biased because it's an adaptation of my favorite book of all time by Cecelia Ahern. When I first found out about this movie and Hilary Swank is portraying an Irish girl I was like "what the heck?! she better be able to do the Irish accent!". And then later I found out, oh no, they changed the story too. Holly is not an Irish in the movie as per the book, she is an American and she and Gerry actually met when she was traveling in Ireland. I was pissed alright, I was pissed. How can they adapt a novel like this?! Holly and Gerry are soul mates and they are both from Dublin. It's the only version of the story I want to watch.

But, I was moved at the end of the movie. For what it's worth, it is no less better than the book. In fact, it is as good as it gets. And Hilary Swank is just superb. She portrays Holly so well that she made people laugh and cry with her throughout the movie. 

What can I say, the movie has got everything. The Holly, the Gerry, the Irish wit, the music, the scenery and oh, we get to see Jeffrey Dean Morgan singing too! Well, it was weird cause one moment he's in Supernatural hunting demon, and another in Grey's dying and now in here singing THE song in an Irish pub.

Too bad they didn't use my favorite quote from the book where Gerry said to Holly in one of the letters, "Shoot for the moon, and even if you miss, you'll still be among the stars." Oh and also Ciara didn't play as much part and so didn't John. I was really hoping to see the pages of Gerry's letter to John on his birthday on screen cause that's one of my favourite moments in the book. But oh well, I can't have everything. As I have learn it the hard way.

All in all, it is a great movie. Up there with Once and Elizabethtown. And can I say I'm totally in love with Irish accent now after Once and this? Heheh.

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Tuesday, June 17, 2008 3:36 PM

the unexpected meeting which shocked en she at Hard Rock last year. 

That guy there, is officially the luckiest person on earth in my book.

Imagine, I came back to the room at about 3smth, all exhausted and hot(bloody weather!) from running freaking errands around the campus and at Ixora management, Sylvia told me this over MSN.

Remember Jin? Kok Jin?(yeshh, of course I remember him and En She my cousin knows why the best) He bumped into Ethan in Bali while buying snacks.

OMFG. WTF. Buying snacks! At a mini markettttt. And we had to wait at the airport for almost 12 hours!

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I feel good!
10:25 AM

Despite the bad connection, oh, when I say bad, it is BAD. Bloody Ixora. Getting our own Streamyx soon. So yeah, despite the bad connection, there's basically quite a lot to make me feel good since I last update.

For one, it's good to finally see the girls and the guy again after the semester break and catch up. Well, I was babbling about Ethan and the Click to Sara most of the time and she was telling me about her trip(or the *ahem* she met =p), and I missed talking to her the most! So, I say good thing you didn't turn up, whatever your name is, you Islamic Law lecturer.

And remember I was saying how much I love this new apartment. The thing is, we didn't really get to know the people staying here when we moved in. And last night, I don't remember exactly how we decided, but I think it was Peipei who suggested it, and we did it the old school way, ice-breaking. No joke, we all sat in a circle in the living room and start introducing ourselves, exchange numbers and talked a little. Well, all's good after the bonding session and I have to say I won't judge a book by its cover anymore. Never ever. *ahem* Pei Pei *ahem*. They are all nice people and I have a feeling we'll all get along just fine. We even got a house warming organised for next Thursday ok. Or not housewarming but whatever you call it. Yeshhh, steamboat!

On a side note, just got up like 15 minutes ago and I haven't wash up yet cause decided to blog while the connection is still ok. And I usually don't like it when I dream, be it a good or bad dream, cause it means I didn't sleep well. And I remember my dreams clearly most of the time, and I find that annoying. But boy, I had a GREAT dream last night. It involves Ethan crashing at my place and using his laptop in the computer room and sleeping in my room. On the mattress on the floor. Well, of course in reality it will never ever happen. Cause 1st of all, Ethan WON'T crash in my place, ever. And 2nd of all, I would have ask him to take my bed and I'll sleep at my parent's room or he can even take Chris' room if he is not there. Like hell I'm gonna let Ethan M. sleep on the floor, with or without a mattress doesn't matter. 

I'm laughing my head off when I woke up and recount the dream to the roomie, but hey, a girl can dream right. Literally. Exactly why I say Ethan Mentzer turned me into a teenie. Damn. I need to get back to my normal self. This is a side that I have lost touch since I was 14?!

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Villa please.
Sunday, June 15, 2008 11:30 AM

For the dumbass Sweden supporters at Hebeeb, buggers, its "Vi-ya" not "Vil-la". Bloody hell, they were like "fuck torres, fuck vi-la". Wana fuck then fuck properly la. Name also don't know how to pronounce. 

It's David Villa the hero AGAIN.

His last minute winner secured a place for Spain in the quarter finals. Seriously, the whole squad should be bloody grateful that they have someone like Villa. For the 1st 45 minutes I watched, they weren't as great as when they were against Russia. The defence were particularly shite after Puyol was off. But, boy, thank God for Villa!

Now that they are in the last eight, I can relax and enjoy their next match against Greece. Probably try to remember all the funny Greek names? Hopefully they can go far this time and not as Alberto said that "they will go into the quarter finals and then get eliminated." 

And uhm, can we have Villa? Pleaseeee?

Oh, on a totally different note, I moved into the new unit yeaterday. Still in Ixora(laugh yeah laugh, I hate this place but apparently my parents love it). The apartment is so EMPTY that there's echo in the living room. Now, that's a change. And I love my new room! It's so much more spacious than my previous!

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An entry dedicated to the birthday girl
11:13 AM

It's your 20th birthday.

So I wish you have a wonderful one and also all the days that follow.

Known you for almost 2 years now and thanks for all the good memories that you gave me and I hope there's still to come.

Haha, last but not least, thanks for being my fellow backpackers(pretender; where are you from again?), my life partner(we are gona win the race one day eh), and my kiasi sister. Did I left out anything? Gosh, I'm on the brink of identity crisis already la.

Ethan, Ethan, more Ethannn.
Friday, June 13, 2008 11:42 AM

FINALLY. Found a version of Don't Let Me Go WITHOUT all the screaming and shouting. This song is so much more emotional performed to a quiet audience. Ethan sure love this, cause he was asking people to shut up at the other venues so that his guitar can be heard. Only thing is the audio is a bit off in here. Well, you can't have everything right.

It's so beautiful that it brings tears to my eyes every time I listen to this. I swear a lot of us will kill them if they don't put this in the new album. Apparently the new album will be out sooner than we thought! Somewhere around August according to Kyle.(that means we see them next year?) Well, make sense since we know they already have some songs done. I want Don't Let Me Go the way it is. No drums, no keys, no bass. Just Kyle's voice and Ethan's guitar. Can ar?

Oh great, I start school in freaking 2 days and here I am, still can't get over this damnn hang over. Muchas gracias guys.

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future predicted
Thursday, June 12, 2008 12:26 PM

Behold... My Future
I will marry daniel agger.
After a wild honeymoon, We will settle down in liverpool in our fabulous House.
We will have 2 kid(s) together.
Our family will zoom around in a red mini cooper.
I will spend my days as a backpacker, and live happily ever after.
whats your future

Yeah righttttt.

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He kills.
Wednesday, June 11, 2008 10:19 PM

He writes great songs.

He plays the bass with his soul.

He gives it all doing back-up vocals.

He's uber nice.


then he did THAT.
(It's Liverpool red!OMFG)

Gosh, over dosage of Ethan M. kills.

Dear God, please help me.


It's all over now though.

Credit: Awesome pics by Melissa. Thanks for letting me use it gal! =)

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Dear readers
9:46 PM

Dear readers,

I'm sorry and please forgive me for the constant yapping about the click five.

I need (more) time (than expected) to get over the click mood. Damn guys. They kill.


On a totally different note, Spain soared to a 4-1 win over Russia last night. Villa scored a hat-trick and Cesc got one. Went to sleep after Nando was subbed, so didn't saw the last 2 goals until this morning. Which mean I miss Xabi's time on the pitch too. Anyways, who says Spain sucks and they don't score enough. And Shebby and Masefield, the Villa-Torres partnership bars none? NO. It's second behind the Gerrard-Torres partnership, you dumbas. I can't stop watching the highlight where Villa ran to the bench to celebrate with Torres after his hat trick. Vamos Espana!

That means only 2 Liverpool players were involved in the match last night. Oh wait, make it 3. Pepe talked the referee around after the ref refused to give Villa the match ball. Xabi tried after Villa, but failed. Now we know who is more persuasive. (see, it's not all about Click)

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Damn bug.
8:58 PM

There's travel bug. Once you got bitten by it, you want to travel constantly. Like Sara. Like Siew Mee. (welcome home girls, bet Australia was fun!)

But a concert bug? I want to see a concert so badly now. Any concert. Click were just amazing the other day. I woke up to the image of Joe kneeling on stage mouthing the keys. Damnnn. This hang-over is starting to get annoying now. 

I feel so empty. Gahhhh. I feel deprived. Click deprived. *runs off to get my iPod*

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Once - A simple story told beautifully
Tuesday, June 10, 2008 11:18 PM

It's a simple story. An Irish street musician meet a foreign girl. And their music connects them. But what is so beautiful about this story is beyond the story itself. It's how the story came about and how it evolves.

It all started when the director John Carney approached Glen and requested him to write some songs for a film called "Street Musician" they were making it with some big time actor and producer. They needed a Eastern European girl who plays piano, and so Glen brought Marketa who's a Czech for audition and she got the part. The movie went into making with reasonably big budget. And one day, the actor pulled out, and then the producer too. The movie looks as if its doomed then John said "You know what, let's do this. Let's finish this." After all, big budget isn't everything. All that is needed is a right story told by the right music and right people. With the songs Glen and Marketa had written, they continue with the film and called it Once.

The trailer with my favorite scene where the guy and the gal(yeah, we won't know their names throughout the whole movie) talk over looking the ocean.

What makes this film beautiful is the rawness and simplicity I guess. Throughout the whole film, you can actually feel that they are just being themselves because they are telling the story through the songs they wrote. And they are doing it without the special effect and it also adds to the beauty that they are both NOT actors. They are simply song writers doing a sorta home musical movie. It's so real and raw that there's this one improvised scene at the back of the bus which they did it in one take with the camera shaking. And because they are not actors but the director needs to make it work somehow, they are quite a few of these improvised scenes in the movie which even though it has depart from the script but still work out beautifully. 

THE song - Falling Slowly. One of the most beautiful scenes in the movie.

And there is just so many crossing-lines in this film and makes it so real and interesting. The fact that Glen and Marketa did write the songs together, and that they are really close before and now they are a couple. So, during the film, even when the director goes "ok, out, music in", they are still being themselves. And the OST is just amazing as well. Some of the songs like Marketa's If You Want Me, is the original version. The 1st one they recorded at home. 

Like one of the music critique puts it, this film doesn't only stood out, but it has come to stay. It is the kind of movie which changed the air in the cinema. You can feel it, the lights dimmed, and after 88 minutes, everyone is at this totally different place. 

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Don't Let Me Go
10:20 PM

Besides the OST to Once(I'm gonna make a proper review of it soon, since it's the best movie ever), I've been listening to this song called Don't Let Me Go written by Ethan Mentzer on loop on despite the bad quality, the shouting and Kyle's mistake in the 1st verse*. They HAVE TO put it in the new album. It's so beautiful. Seeing Kyle and him doing the song that night, I'm almost certain that it's a song from his bottom of his heart. Hmmm, wonder what's the story behind the song.

I can see your shadow lying in the moonlight
I can hear your heartbeat playing on my right side
Every night I long for this, makin’ up what I miss
*I can hear you breathing letting out a sad sigh

You tried so hard to hide your scars
Always on your guard

Don’t, don’t let me go
Don’t make me hold on when you’re not
Don’t, don’t turn away
What can I say so you won’t
No don’t, don’t let me go…

I can see the skyline fading in the distance
Tears are comin’ down
I’m trying just to make sense
I don’t listen to the radio just the engine and the road
I wonder if my words are makin’ any difference

I dream and then it seem to end
but always come again


I’m comin’ down
to where you’re standing
I need you now or you’ll be watchin’
me hit the ground
with a crash landing…

Dont Let Me Go - The Click Five

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I'm gona kill you Hamilton.
9:27 PM

I've always said I've got nothing against this Brit driver who stunned the whole F1 Racing World in his debut season last year. Because he is really something. Despite him posing a huge threat to Kimi Raikkonen, I don't dislike him at all, in fact I respect him.

But he had to go make some stupid mistake like that on Sunday in the Canadanian GP. Imagine, a F1 driver didn't STOP AT RED LIGHT. Gosh, even a 3 year old won't make that mistake. Regardless of how stupid the rule is to have traffic light at the pit lane, it is still rule. Kimi stopped at the red, but Hammy apparently didn't see it, so he crashed into the back of Kimi. Oh wheee, both are out of the race.

Kimi said he's not angry, but unhappy. Because everyone make mistake. He did in the last race in Monaco. But it's different when you are going at 200 smth km/h and strolling in the pit lane! 

As a result, Kubica is leading the Championship now. Great. Things are getting more interesting now. I just hope it won't do any damage to Kimi's retaining the title or Hammy winning his 1st. Because to be honest, I want Kimi to win the title but if he can't make it, I don't mind Hammy. Not Massa. Not Alonso. Yeahh, I still got nothing against Hammy, just pissed off as hell. Oh well, at least he'll be punished next race. Relegated 10 place at the starting grid. 

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Cause pictures tell the story better, no?
Sunday, June 8, 2008 8:04 PM

Friday at the airport

Shan and I getting way too excited when we just got there.

The excitement when we saw on the board that the 2.10pm plane has landed.

Melissa and me with the Ben Romans banner while waiting for the guys to come out. Met her at airport and she remembers me from the promo tour last year and she seems familiar to me too. Turns out she's from my hometown and we used to go to the same school! What a small world this is!

A few hours after where everyone seems to be coming out from the arrival hall except the guys. We later found out that they missed the initial flight and will be landing at 9.45pm instead.

The excitement makes it return when the 9.45pm plane finally landed at 10 something . The guys finally got out at 11.06pm!

The picture with Ethan which he held the camera(cause I'm too short, arghh!) and with the unknown expression. I'm calling it the "huh?" expression for now.

The signed iPod! Finally settled for signing his name vertically after taking a few seconds contemplating where to sign without ruining the skin! *grins stupidly* I'm never ever changing the skin. Now I just need to figure out how the hell do I protect the skin.

Saturday at Genting

Bumped into(genuinely no stalking here lol) Dave, their tour manager outside the theme park on the way to our hotel room a few hours before the concert. Asked for a quick picture and he seems surprised that some fan will want a picture with him. Hehe, the ulterior motive is actually to find out where the guys are which I did asked after the picture and he goes "oh, I'm trying to locate them as well." Yeah right Dave, as if you wouldn't know where the guys are lol.

In the hotel room before the concert and Gordon is getting a wee bit too excited while the girls are just totally calm and cool in the background . Heheh, but this is nothing compared to the head hitting with poster of Sylvia.

Joey's drums set on stage.

And a picture of me in front of the stage before the concert starts. Excited beyond words.

From this point onwards, I guess I'm too into the concert and I totally forgot to take out my camera at all. But the others got more pictures and a few clips. So I'll update from time to time if possible.

Arghhh, I can't believe everything is OVER now.


Awesome but not perfect.
5:56 PM

Why is the concert not perfect? Cause it was kinda ridiculous.

Firstly, let me ask you this, if you are in a concert, regardless of whether it's a rock concert or not, will you be asked to SIT DOWN during the show? Nope. But, that's what happened throughout the concert cause people behind can't see. We weren't allowed to stand or raise the freaking banners. Whenever the guys got the atmosphere high and burning, and we started standing up and jumping/singing along, the securities will come over and goes "sit down!sit down!" For God's sake, this is not a opera or orchestra, it's a freaking rock concert! And the seats should be raised in the first place! Rocking to the music while seating on the edge of your seat is NOT fun! Bugger, venue problem AGAIN.

Secondly, diversity in the crowd should be a good thing, no? But not in their case. About 1/3 of the audiences are actually parents accompanying their under 12 years old kids. Talk about spoiling your kids. I know for sure there is no chance on earth my parents will ever do that. Never ever. So, most of our VIP areas are made up of small kids and parents. Hence, we don't get to enjoy the whole place rocking to the music feel. The parents sitting beside us actually YAWN when we were singing along to "Long Way to Go" with Kyle. It happens to almost every role with parents. Bloody hell, what are primary school kids doing there? Do they even understand what's the meaning of "Chomp the Box"?! Not that they sing the song yesterday but still.

Thirdly, groupies. Crazy groupies. When they are doing slow numbers, you are supposed to keep quite and listen, no? But, there were screaming and shrieking from all direction. When Kyle and Ethan is doing "Don't Let Me Go" which is a slow heart breaking song written by Ethan and show cases Kyle's voice beautifully, this silly ang moh shrieked Joey's name. Hello, dumba, Joey is not even on stage! Another young girl, "Kyle, will you marry me?", with parents beside her. *slaps forehead* Hey, kid, I'm sure Kyle don't want to go to jail. And another bizarre one, "Joey, we can have Joey Jrs". OMFG. Seriously. Funniest part is, most of them pronounced Kyle's name as KAYA. You think Kaya jam ar?

BUT, regardless, it was a great show put on by the band. They are just awesome. Even though it's so obvious that they can't make the atmosphere burn since we were FORCED to sit down, they put on a GREAT SHOW. It was totally awesomeeee. Especially their solo part in "Pump It Up". Ethan's bass is just sexy as hell. I sat in awed with jaw dropped. Joe's awesome too. Totally into it, and the kneeling on the floor and mouthing the keys, it's like watching some big time rock star jamming. And Joey's drum, the energy he brings out playing the piece, you can feel it miles away. You can see it on his face. Ben, uhm, all the butt swaying and rolling on the floor is a bit, uhm, well, he looked possessed. But the bond between him and Ethan throughout the show is amazing! You can actually feel how close they are to each other! Totally enjoyed the part when Ethan came over to Ben's side and they shared the same mic doing backups for "Pump It Up". The guys were totally having the time of their life on stage. And Joe, the shy Joe is so much more fun and active this time around. He kept coming in front and connects with the crowd. You don't get that from Joe often.

The greatest part of the night is "Headlight Disco" hands down. The not even full arena is just rocking. It was the last song, so Kyle gets everyone onto their feet(take that stupid securities! go scold Kyle then!) and we just started jumping up and down singing along. Greatest fun I've ever had in my life. The atmosphere is just incredible. Words can't describe it. And they did "Don't Let Me Go" which is the song which I wanted most to hear live. It turned out awesome. You can sense Ethan's heart break through Kyle vocals. And the new song called "There You Are" they did actually brings tears to my eyes. Cause Kyle really sings it with his heart, especially the part where he kinda like let the voice escape tenderly and softly from his lungs when he goes "There you are, there you are..." Those 3 songs are enough to make my night. The other songs are great except the 1st few when Ben's keyboards failed on him.

Another bonus part of the concert, the banners. We were sitting right in front of Ben so I held up the banner which says "Ben Romans bring back the beard" when the show started, he saw it, facial expression changed and started laughing! Shan and I were on cloud 9 when we saw this, cause god knows we spent hours doing it! Besides that, when Ethan came over to Ben's side, I flipped the banner over and showed him the "Been waiting since 12pm" banner we used at the airport and he freaking nodded at me. Speaking about the banner, I think it really caught the guys' attention at the airport, cause apparently Kyle remembers me(!) from the airport! Well, we saw them at the Pavilion doing photoshoot, and they were walking past us. Kyle was 1st in line and well you know my attitude towards him has always been the "uhm, it's ok if I don't get to talk to you or get a picture with u" type so when he walk past me my gaze was fixed on Ethan(as always, hehe) and Ben, and later the girls told me that he actually turned back and said, "Hey you" and I totally ignored him cause I swear to God I didn't hear him! Gahhh, I'm totally kicking myself now. Kyle actually said hi to me and I IGNORED him.

All in all, these few days have been an unforgettable experience. Getting up close and personal with the guys(Ethannn!!) and attended a great concert with bunch of great fans, and the late night crashing at one room and not to mention the 'casual' stalking after the concert at the hotel the guys are staying. And oh, walking around for more than an hour after midnight trying to decide what to eat and ended up eating nothing is just silly but great fun!

We should totally do this again next time the guys are back people! It's true when people say "music brings people together". Got to know many great friends these few days and It's such a bummer now that everything is over. Need a few days to get the concert and TC5 mood out of my system.

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Saturday, June 7, 2008 5:05 AM

So much has happened since I last updated. It was simply crazy so I'll just stick to the important points. The last few days have been simply the craziest days of my life. It was seriously the time of my life! Now I know how it feels like to use that phrase!

For one, the cousins are on holidays too so we totally caught up with each other unlike the last few times I was in KL. Saw a great movie with them. Once, it is called. A simple Irish movie without any special effect, just a camera following the 2 leads. The music from the movie is awesome. After all the big movies such as Iron Man and etc, Once is such a breathe of fresh air. Any music and movie lover should totally watch it! Check out Chris' review.

Met up with Ru on Wednesday and hung out. It was fun walking around MidValley endlessly and trying our extremely best to finish off our extremely large portion of food at Oh!Sushi. Shan and I was supposed to meet up with her(sorry Ru!) yesterday but well, we were stranded at the airport. Which brings me to the next point which is the craziest of all.

It was spur of the moment. After picking up Shan on Thursday night and on the way back home, we decided to go airport and wait for The Click Five on Friday. Well, Melvin from Warner International Dept told me the guys will arrive on 2.10pm. Yeap, that's the information he gave me. No date, no flight number, just 2.10pm. but we worked our crazy fan girls way and figured it's either Thursday or Friday after checking their schedule. Called Melvin on Friday morning and he was like "Yeahhh it's today!". After thinking all the money we will be wasting on the tickets to get there I confirmed with him, "Are you sure Melvin?", I asked. And he went "Of courseee I am sure!" So, Shan and I are off.

Reached the airport at around 1pm and guess what time did we finally see the guys? Freaking 11pm. Longest wait of my life seriously. When the 2.10pm flight landed, the 10 of us(met the other gals there) just stood there with excitement and anticipation with the banner Shan and I did for Ben Romans which read "Ben Romans Bring Back The Beard". It's an inside joke(?), and that banner and us are gathering much attention at that point of the time already. So imagine us standing there 3 hours straight at the same spot waiting for the guys come out. Even the taxi uncles kept asking who the heck we waiting for and were trying to come up with their reasoning of what might happened to take them so long. It's fun one thing to see all the uncles arguing among themselves in Hokkine(uncle 1-they used the VIP exit; uncle 2- you crazy!that is for royalties, even Jay Chou can't use it; uncle 3- they got the wrong info la, no security guards here.everytime artiste come a lot of guards one) By that time, our excitement and anticipation is all gone and replaced uncertainty. And I learnt by the hard way that is the worst emotion one can have ever.

We were desperate by then and was trying to find out from every possible way that whether the guys have already been picked up. Tried Warner, Hitz.fm, MAS Info counter and even random MAS airhostess. It was crazy, going up to them and go "Did you just flew in from Jakarta?" Finally, the angel came in the form of Miss Neo from Genting. I called her up and she was quite reluctant to help but after some sweet talking and some "please laaaaa", she gave in. She was so sweet that she took my number and say she'll call me back after she phone her colleague in charge of TC5 concert since all of them are not in the office. And she did call me back and guess what, apparently, the guys missed their initial flight and are landing on 9.45pm instead!!! WTH?! So majority of us decided to wait until 9pm so that our 5 hours wait earlier won't go down the drain just like that. Took the time to bond and did another banner which says "Been waiting since 12pm. Where were you guys?" complete with angry faces and all. Shoved it in their face when they FINALLY walked out from the arrival hall at 11.06pm.

We were so exhausted that we didn't scream or shout. Yes, we were that tired. We just went "guysss!" and waved. Kyle is being his complete self, as cool as ever. Gave us the peace sign and looked so impress with himself but not with us. Joe was right behind him, keeping a low profile as ever. Said hi to him. Saw Joey walked past me without saying anything cause my eyes and camera are all fixed on Ethan who is walking alongside Ben behind all the other guys. Got up to them and went "It has been almost 12 hours." Ben went "Thank you so much" and Ethan smiled. Asked Ethan can I have a picture with him and he went "Sure. If we do it quick." At this point, one Chinese dude which I reckon who is some Genting guy to come picked them up shoved me away and said "Thank you!" I think I was looking at Ethan with this almost crying face and went "please Ethan?" so he stopped his trolley, told the Chinese dude, "I'm gona take a picture with her" and walk towards me. I melted. Big time. And he held the camera and took a self portraits of us!! Ahhhh. It was a semi hug!! After that, took out my iPod as asked him to signed it. He was taken aback by the request and was actually looking at my iPod skin and took a full 4 to 5 seconds to think where and how to sign it without ruining the pattern of the skin. Finally settled for vertically beside the girl in dress. HE IS JUST THE SWEETEST GUY ON EARTH! Since I spent all the time with Ethan so I only got a picture with him and another half-picture with Ben while the other girls got it with almost everyone EXCEPT Kyle. Guess what, he didn't even stop or anything when the gals asked for a picture according to Shan. *slaps forehead*

The whole Ethan experience still feel so UNREAL. It hasn't sinked in yet I guess. I'm just so glad that I got another chance to do it better(not 'right' since, arghh, yeah, I made a fool out of myself again, just not as big as a fool during the meet and greet at Tower records last Nov) after the whole "the words just left my head and I stood in front of him like a fool without a word" encounter.

Am heading off to Central to meet Gordon and the rest of the girls and we are off to Genting for the concert! And the madness will continue!!! For now, I leave you guys with THE picture. *grins stupidly*

It makes every second of the almost 12 hours wait worthwhile. I HEART YOU ETHAN MENTZER!

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Nole Djokovic vs the shrieking chipmunk
Wednesday, June 4, 2008 10:19 AM

It was a great day for Serb tennis yesterday at Roland Garros. Jelena Jankovic, Ana Ivanovic and Novak Djokovic all made it through into the semi finals.

Ana is going to play Jelena in the semis. It's a battle between the 2 countrymen(women?), but I do believe Ana is going to come up better between the 2. Simply because she is in perfect form this whole tournament. Come on Ana, let's go all the way and win your 1st Grand Slam title!

Nole, oh Nole, is going to play Nadal in the semis. Damn. It's always Nadal standing in his way from claiming the world number 2 ranking. Just like in Hamburg earlier. Saw Nadal played against Almagro yesterday night, as much as I hate to admit it, the shrieking chipmunk is in perfect form. Totally destroyed Almagro, that poor chico wasn't even allowed to play tennis.

But, it's Nole we are talking about. I won't be surprise if he end up beating Nadal the King of Clay and claim the world number 2 ranking and go on and win the and his 2nd Grand Slam of the year. heheh, here's to hoping. Heard his interview earlier this morning, and I have to say he has the right mentality going into the match and that has always been a very important part of his game. So, ADJE NOLE! <3

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Of 8 states in 2 days and the family gathering.
Tuesday, June 3, 2008 8:24 PM

It was great fun.

The wat tan hor. One of eldest uncle's famous dishes and my personal favorite. And the 3rd uncle got all excited when I took out the camera and did...

this. The smiley face is more scary than friendly, yeah.

And we are off on the road trip on Sunday morning. 10 of us in 2 cars. My family, the eldest aunty's family and the youngest uncle's. We covered 8 states in 2 days. Yeap. No joke. From Segamat to Jenjarum, passed by Melaka and Negeri Sembilan. So, 3 states covered. Then from there to Kuala Selangor. Made it to Ipoh in the evening after the seafood lunch in KS. Had the hor fun in Ipoh, spent the night, and off to Cameron the next morning. And then back to KL late Monday night.

And pic spam, here we go! Heheh.

People often say Cameron is boring but I really enjoyed that place a lot. The weather is great, the scenery is superb and flowers and plants can be seen everywhere. It's so green and niceee.

with mummy

Annie the youngest cousin

It has been ages since I've been on a proper trip. This was exhuasting but great fun, seriously. I loveee traveling so muchhhh!

Edit: detailed description of the trip and photos over at Chris' blog, he's the one with all the pictures with his big ass camera lol.