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Adios Xabi?
Friday, May 30, 2008 3:49 PM

According to FootyLatest, it's a done deal. 16 mil. Xabi is gone. Oh my goshhhhh.

No, I will wait for .tv, as far as I'm concern, it's still a bloody rumour. It is still a rumour.

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Happy Birthday Stevie
1:35 PM

Happy 28th Birthday Stevie Gerrard! 

Yeah you bet I don't like the way Xabi is looking at him. So gay. But, nonetheless, he's still one inspiring captain for the club. Stevie, thanks for Istanbul and so many more crucial moments when you stepped up and single handedly bring the team towards victory.

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Can I join you in crushing the nuts?
12:56 PM

Ru, can I join you in crushing the nuts? Yeah, TMNUTS.

For 2 days now the connection has been shite. I think it's karma Gordon, for laughing at your connection. So, I have to call up those nuts at TM. And I don't know whether they are dumb or dumb, I have to repeat the same thing until I'm bored of myself. And they still don't get it. Which part of "I can't access to the Internet." is so hard to understand? 

So finally, they found the problem. And they are supposed to fix it, no? This particular nuts claimed that she has fixed the problem, asked me to off my modem, off my lappie, off the main switch(oi, you sure it's this serious?) and restart everything in 2 minutes. BUT, after I off everything and restart like she told me in all professional tone, guess what, it still doesn't work.

So I have to call again and after they put me on hold forever, finally someone picked up the damn phone and has trouble understanding what's wrong again. Best part is, I asked her why the heck is that I keep experiencing this problem, since it's 2 days in a row now I have to call them up. Apparently, my modem port is corrupted(what the heck is that?) or someone is using our connection. So I pointed out to her NO, it's password protected. She says "well, if people know your password, wouldn't be a problem". I said NO, it's within the family. I'm the ONLY one using it right now. She went all silent on me. So I asked, let's say it's the modem problem, my port is corrupted somehow, so how do I overcome this problem?

Here is what she says "er...actually...err...section hang is very small problem...(at this point I cut in and asked how do I overcome the corrupted port problem again)actually...it's TM's problem...every time it happen you just call and we will delete the section..."

Yeah, DAMN RIGHT IT'S YOUR PROBLEM. Don't go telling me my port is corrupted or some phantom user is using my account. Bloody hell. I seriously need to get hold of some groundnuts and crush it. All this angst are still inside me for trying my level best to not shout at them over the phone. Gahhh. 

Looks like beside getting use to the uber fast connection at home after dialed up is done away, I also need to get use to dealing with nuts.


Single digit yeay!
Thursday, May 29, 2008 12:41 AM

Got a new lappie. Well, dad has been talking about getting a new one for himself since his is antique. And he was like "I can use yours and you use the new one, since I don't really use the new features." Of course! Can! No problemo! Hehe so I got the best out of the deal. Only thing is, the screen is so small. So freaking small, how am I gonna enjoy Chuckle's stupid jokes with such tiny screen? 

Besides that, nothing much happening in the holidays so far. Well, it's expected, I'm in Segamat. It's only got durians and flood. So yeah. Roland Garros has been boring too, haven't seen Ana or Nole play yet. Nothing nice on TV too, since I don't have Channel V and all, and there's no football on the sports channels except some encore shite.

This weekend is the family gathering so I foresee a lot of good food from the eldest uncle as usual! Heheh, I'm actually looking forward to what he's going to cook more than catching up with all the cousins. Well evil I know, but wait till you've taste his cooking! Will be off to Ipoh for a family trip on Sunday! Yeayy, been forever since we have a family trip! Just the 4 of us and the eldest uncle and aunty. Should be fun. And after that, a few days in KL and I'm off to Genting for the concert!! Can't wait!

Some footie updates, Rafa said it. "Torres is NOT for sale." So, Chelshit, piss off. Nando is not for sale, no matter how much money is offered.

Oh and if I haven't say it, I'm gonna say it now. JUDE LAW IS HOT. He is hot, his accent is hotter. Watch All the King's Men on HBO last night and was totally blown away by the movie. Watch it again this afternoon just for Jude Law. Ahem, no I mean, to understand the movie better. Hehe. Great acting from Sean Penn and Anthony Hopkins too.

2 clowns and a snake
Monday, May 26, 2008 10:00 PM

Roman Siaokia-vich hasn't give up on bidding for Torres yet. According to report from This Is London and several other sources, apparently some inside source from Chelshit said that there are some quarters inside Liverpool who are willing to sell at the right price and the newest bid from the money tree is 50 mil.

The clowns and the snake. I would love to see them sell Torres. Let them TRY and see what they are going to face from the Kopites.

Everything we do is in the interest of the club kononnya. Piss off Rick.

This better be rumours and nothing more. As if the Xabi one is not enough. I still think it'll be a huge mistake if we really does sell Xabi. Even if he's out of form now, so what? Form is temporary and class in permanent. His form WILL come back. No one has his vision when it comes to passing the damn ball. The whole purpose of having rich owners like those 2 are so that we don't have to sell in order to buy. That is what we call expanding the squad. If the new signings don't settle in well, at least we'll still have choices. Hopefully when we need Xabi next season he'll be available but not in Italy eating pizza. Looks like things haven't change at all.

Where's our S.O.S?

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Home sweet home.
Sunday, May 25, 2008 10:42 PM

Ahhh, it's so nice to be home. 2 weeks feel like forever. The bed looks so inviting now. BUT I'm pissed.

Got home at 9.45pm, switched on the TV first thing to check the status on Monaco GP. The safety car was out on track, and apparently Kimi is 5th. And then the safety car went in, and to cut the story short, Kimi did the DUMBEST ever move since I started watching him years and years and years ago. Out from the tunnel, pushed(too) hard to try to get pass Adrian Sutil's Force India who's in front of him. And he ended up kissing the Force India's ass and lost the front nose.

Oh come on Kimi! He should've known better when it is possible to over take and when it is NOT. He's a World Champion FFS. Bloody hell. So kiasu for what, 5th also not bad what. Compared to the outcome of driving like a nuts! Poor Sutil, he was out of the race after the accident and was inconsolable in the garage.

Kimi's 2nd on the driver's championship board 3 points behind Hamilton and Massa is right on his tail with just only 1 point short. He of all people should know how every points count. If he fail to retain the title, he blew it himself. This MAY be the turning point. I would strangle him if he's right in front of me now. I will. If Massa overtakes him in the board, ever, I'm gonna KILL him too. And that's Kimi, mind you. Oh why are you such a dumbass Kimi!!! So KIASU for what?!!!! I wana swear so badly.

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Of room cleaning and the horrifying nap.
12:46 AM

My room is clean. like really clean and tidy, never been so clean, clean. Except it won't be my room anymore. Moving to another unit so spent to whole day(well, most of it and after the Spanish paper and horrifying nap, bloody hell.) I'm not talking about it anymore. But thank God the gals were in the house that time. So anyway, I NEVER realise I've got so MUCH JUNKKKK! There are so many things that I was looking at it and goes "what the hell is this doing here?" or "Should I throw this. No, I can't. But how and when will I use this?". So, I ended up chucking everything into the box and I'm going throw everything in the Avanza tomorrow and go through it again at home. Gahhh. I swear not to keep so much things in my room next semester onwards. Yeahh. I didn't know how I ended up with so much stuff these 2 years anyways. I got 8 bags to bring home and 4 boxes to move to the new unit. Minus the washing machine, book shelves and stuff like that. I can foresee my back is going to hurt after the moving later today. God.

It's been so long since I hang out with friends from secondary school. CF came today and 5 of us went to Jonker(surprise surprise) and it feels like old time again. The Seg Hwa girls. Heheh. Ate a lot but didn't buy a thing. I'm proud with myself! yay! Gotta ask dad to send me there again this evening though. Need to go pick up my bag which I sent for repair. It's ridiculous, bought it last Saturday and it turns it back on me and by snatching off. Bugger. Is it weird that whenever I said bugger I think of Stevie? I'm babbling. Ok, off to bed. Cleaning up and packing took too much out of me and the nap did NOT help.


Happy Birthday Nole!
Thursday, May 22, 2008 6:49 PM

Happy 21st Birthday Novak Djokovic!

He's only 21 and he's the world number 2 tennis player! Makes me wonder what will it be like when he's at the peak of his career. I'm putting my bet on he's going to be greater than FedEx!(and less arrogant too)

'stolen' off his official website. "Nole Adje" means "come on Nole" in Serb and it's a gift from his Chinese fans.

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Is the weekend here yet?
6:17 PM

I want it to be here FAST.

Not only it means that I'll be all done with this bloody finals and I get to go home and all, and Roland Garros is kicking off, it's also the Monaco Grand Prix! It's seriously racing at its best. Narrow track, tight corners, WITHOUT traction control, more wheel spins, and hence drivers without great skill are going to get it big time. It's a real drivers' track I guess. There's no margin for error. So, Massa would you stop harping about how dangerous it is to be driving without traction control at a track like this and how Monte Carlo is not your favorite GP and blahhh? Just shut up and drive. (no pun intended) What makes Monaco interesting besides the tunnel and the beautiful scenery is that it's unpredictable. It's 50-50. Anyways, checked the 1st practice results and Kimi is looking good! Woohoo, can't wait.

Oh yeah, have I ever mention that Nelson Piquet Jr. is hot? He is.

Looks a bit like Julio Ramirez, no?

And apparently, the drivers are going to hit the runway for a charity event on Friday. We are going the Roland Garros way I see. *trying to wipe the image of Nole's stride last year out of my mind* Kimi is not on the list of driver models(sounds weird), but apparently he will be specially featured or something. Need. To. Get. My. Hands. On. Those. Photos. Yes.

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Ok, I'm eating my words.
5:43 AM

Full of drama. Typical MU Chelsea match. Lots of booing. Minimal singing. And they've got their dumbass Drogba too. Woohoo, Rafa is proven RIGHT.

Anyways, MU won by penalties. Gay C Ron missed it, Terry slipped and miss the 5th penalty, and then Anelka missed another. I don't feel much emotion except kesiannya Terry! Should've seen the guy. He bloody slipped!! When he could have simply put the ball behind the net and be remembered as the hero who scored the winning goal. Instead he's remembered now as the one who screwed up. Thin line between hero and zero huh.

Prior to the match, I told people who asked me which team do I hope to win the trophy that I don't care and I'd rather sleep or eat my MLS notes, since the paper is on Friday. So why would I want to go watch some meaningless shit play(quote Johnny lol!) than study right. I didn't plan to watch the match, I really didn't lol. But then got back from supper with Siew Mee and Aaron at around 4, and when she dropped us off, Aaron and I were like "yeah, let's go check the match out a bit." We planned to stay 5 minutes, then we got hooked, and then we say "let's make a move once the next goal is scored", then there was never a goal until the penalties lol. Hence, yeah, we caught most of the 2nd half and the extra time and penalties and all.

Aaron kept saying how tense it is during the penalties. Haha and he's a Liverpool fan watching a neutral match. I can't wait to show both Siew Mee and him the Istanbul 2005 and FA 2006 finals DVD and I so want to see their reaction. Seriously, if he can get this tense over a neutral match, it would be really interesting to see his reaction during a full force Liverpool match of this scale. Heheh. Guys, we are so going to a My RAWK gathering one of these days! The atmosphere is immense!

I sincerely hope that Terry will get over this soon. It's a really bad way to lose a final like this.


Good morning!
Wednesday, May 21, 2008 12:33 PM

Woke up and saw this.

Yeshhhh. Puyol checking out Nando's new hair cut before their Spain National Team meeting!! Ahhh, FINALLY. I also beh tahan for him seeing the hair slapping into his face while running on the pitch.

time for a new haircut too Mr. Puyol? heh.

It's a bit too blonde and too short for my liking. But, oh well, at least he chopped it and at least it's normal.

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Bloody caption lol.
3:07 AM

Saw this picture over at the RAWK forum the other day in the season in pictures thread. It was uploaded for the guys to come up with captions.

And one of the members wrote,

Hyypia(guy in white): Mr. Lucas, may I have this dance?
Lucas: *blushing and hence covers face in hand* Aww Mr. Hyypia, I thought you will never ask!

I refrain myself from posting more gay-ish captions for the pictures of Stevie and Nando. *still refraining veryyy hard* Yeshhh, this is not the gay-est the members can come up with. Ask Pei Ru. AND they are a bunch of guys mostly. English people I tell you. *shivers at the thought of THAT picture of Stevie and Nando*

And when I think of Lucas I want to go "Mmmbop, ba du bap du bop", because


this, to



P.S. it's recycled joke, but still, I'm BORED lol. ok, it's time to hit the bed and I'll deal with civil process tomorrow.

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Welcome to the club Philip Degen.
1:41 AM

So, we've got our 1st new addition to the club in the summer transfer market. Swiss right-back Philip Degen will sign for us on July 1.

To be honest, I've never ever heard of this guy and amidst the names of other players linked to the club right now, like Barry, Dossena, Bentley; Degen didn't really catch the attention. So, when I saw the news on .tv this afternoon, I was like "whatever la." AND also because they use this picture.

Which in fact, he looks HOTTER than that, wayyy hotter. Did a search on him after Pei Ru left a shoutout at my cbox and found this.


Another sign why the people at .tv needs to work harder, no? A hotter picture at Ru's blog lol.

That aside, since he's a free transfer and all, there's nothing much for us to lose I guess, whichever way he turns out. Great players like Danny and Martin cost us 5 and 6 mil respectively, and Degen is FREE. So, let's give the lad a chance and see what he can do. Words are that he's pretty shite at Borussia though. But hey, Voronin used to be great with his old club didn't he?

That said, I only hope that,

1) he DOES NOT turn out like Voronin being a free transfer also. (please be able to stand on your feet Mr. Degen)

2) this is not an indicator of Rafa's spending power this summer. Some quarters are saying that Rafa is forced to settle for his 2nd choice again.

Welcome to the club Dagen!

P.S. Is it only me or our defenders are really all pretty boys? I mean we've got Skrtel(Slovakian Wentworth Miller he's so called!), Finnan(Irish Matt Damon), Alvie, Fabio and of course Danny Agger! Lol we are going back to the Jamie Redknapp era eh?

P.S again, since I'm doing welcome entry, might as well do this too. Aaron the Boo, welcome to the world of blogging!

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Happy Birthday Kyle!
Tuesday, May 20, 2008 5:53 PM

Happy 22nd Birthday Kyle Patrick!!

yeah, it's the Twin Towers Kyle.

Such a dork lol.

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Zero doesn't exist. Apparently.
3:36 AM

I have been really interested in learning Spanish for as long as I can remember. So you can imagine how my love and desire for the language got stronger (chey, are we talking about Spanish here? like some love affair only) when Rafa took over the club and brought on board bunch of Spanish speaking players. Lucky enough for me, I got to know tonnes of Spanish speakers, be it online or backpackers. Every time I told them my intention to learn Spanish or asked for translation for certain things, the reaction I get is always along the line of, "dios mio(my god)! I'm so impressed you want to learn my language!" and a string of reassurance. "don't worry, Spanish is easy. It's easier than English. It's muchh more easier than Chinese. You can master it if you know Chinese blah blah blah." Heck, Fernando even told Sara and I that we can invent our own words when we don't know a word in Spanish cause according to him Spanish words are similar to the English ones so we can get it right most of the time. Uhm, perdone me, how is "ingresa" and "enter" similar? and what about "rojo" and "red"? If I were to create a Spanish word that means "red", I would go for "redo", and for "enter" I would go for "entero". So, I can foresee a lot of "que?" and "perdone me" if I were to use those self-created words in a Spanish conversation.

And when I took the Spanish for beginners course offered by the uni, we all know we are doomed 2nd class into the semester. How is a lecturer who think the plural for "shoes" is "shoeses" and goes "I know my English!" when we corrected him be able to communicate with us, let alone teach us. For god's sake, his way of saying "why? you can't see the board?" is "Why? you no eyes?". Anyway, 4 months after the class, I put whatever I learn to test a few hours back. And....

I was in a Spanish music forum wanted to download this particular album but apparently registration is required. So, I started filling up the form. I took me less than 2 minutes to type all my details down and enter the verification code. You know the alphabets and numbers which they asked you to enter just to make sure that you are not a robot. And after I click enter, it keeps telling me that the information I sent is incorrecto. I tried quite a number of times and it's the same. So I checked everything. Refreshing the page and etc etc etc. And then I decided to translate the form word by word, at least whatever that I manage to guess the meaning. Minimum characters for passwords, correct. Characters not allowed for user name, didn't use. Everything also correct!! What the hell did I do wrong? If it's not 2 in the morning, I would have started screaming at that point of the time already.

Then I saw it. At the very last part of the form. Just a line after they told me "enter the code and it doesn't matter whether it is capital letters or otherwise".

Por favor nota que el cero no existe

(Please take note that zero does not exists)

And I pandai-pandai go and type every 'O' I see in the code as cero. It took me more than one freaking hour to register on a forum. This is ridiculous.

Who told me that Spanish is not tough? Gahhhhhh. Or maybe I'm just too dumb?

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(Intended) window shopping
Monday, May 19, 2008 12:25 AM

Since the next paper is not until Friday, Siew Mee and I decided to go catch Iron Man(yeah yeah outdated I know) at MP and spend the day doing some window shopping. Well, I was planning to get a bag la. A bag, ok, I emphasize. Then the saying which goes "when you plan to buy something, that's when you'll buy nothing and when you don't plan to buy anything, that's when you'll buy everything" totally applies to us.

See, the movie is at 5pm, so we've got loads of time to kill. And we went to Inverno wanted to get the TC5 Tour Edition album which my housemates promised to get me as a birthday present. They didn't have it. And as I said, we have loads of time to kill, so we started listening to all the unknown bands' albums in the CD room. Heheh, I'm sorry but I've really got this thing with discovering unknown bands. It's fun. Anyways, I got 2 albums and Siew Mee got this album from a new US band called Until June which she really like. I got Scouting For Girls and another new Brit band called One Night Only. Gone are my RM59. #*(#&@@#%@&! And then Shanie messaged and said that she's got me my Elliot Minor's album in Liverpool. Another RM50 gone. I'm so dead. RM100 in a day, CDs alone.

Seriously, would someone please keep me away from the record stores!!! Crap. I wonder what would mum say if I tell her my CD rack ran out of space AGAIN. Told her once and her reaction wasn't anywhere near ok.

I'm so surviving on Maggi the next 5 days. Especially after I did get the bag at Jonker. I'm broke. Anyways, Jonker is seriously some place special. It got both our mums to say the same thing over the phone during 2 separate phone calls.

both mums: where are you?
Me/Siew Mee: at Jonker lo.
both mums: Jonker again ar?? Not sien mehh? Why everyday go Jonker?
Me/Siew Mee: have dinner here cheaper mah.
both mums: go with who?
Me/Siew Mee: Siew Mee/Ah May loh.
both mums: i also don't know what's so nice about Jonker. go back earlier ar.

Heheh, sure nice la, cheap food, cheap stuff and it's a source of our inspirations, right Siew Mee? *ahem* By the way, we passed by the bar where we met Russ and Chris a few months back and it's pathetic. It has been pathetic all this while except the night we met the guys. Like Siew Mee said, maybe that's really our night.


De Que Sirve and Julio Ramirez.
Sunday, May 18, 2008 12:56 AM

After the killer papers on Thursday and Friday, how do I relax myself? Sleep. The whole day. Heheh I never knew sleeping can be so nice. The amount of sleep I have in these 2 days can qualify me as the modern Sleeping Beauty already I think. Chey. The next papers are on Friday and Saturday so you bet I'm taking today and tomorrow off. Spent today sitting in front of the computer, sleep some more, and then sitting in front of the computer again.

And saw Reik's MV for their 3rd single off their 2nd album, De Que Sirve. (It's time for the 3rd album leh, it has been 2 years plus!)

Now as we all know, most of the Spanish MVs out there involves a lot of touching and kissing between a hot girl and a hot guy. Like Enrique's MVs. And some even has girl touching girl(puke!), like Eduardo Cruz's Cosas Que Contar. I kid you not. Penelope Cruz touching her sister Monica and Eduardo is there singing and looking on. This is the epitome of family togetherness? Wait, more like incest. AND OBSCENITY. Yewwww. It's a quite ok song, catchy and all, but the MV is just ...

So, back to Reik's De Que Sirve, it has got no touching, or kissing, or anything of that sort. So, rest assured. Just 3 guys singing.

But, can someone please tell Julio(the guitarist in green striped shirt) to stop grinning?!!! Seriously, you can see his teeth in every single scene!! Grinning like an idiot. At first, it got me going "aww so adorable" and then it starts to piss me off. I mean, he wasn't even singing! Jesus has got the singing covered. All that required of him is to just stand there and strum, like Bibi did. But no, he has to go all Darlie on the camera. Arghhh. I like the Julio at the Metropolitana concert more. Way more. Gahhhh. Who are you and what have you done to Julio Ramirez?!

It's ok, we only need to focus on the music, no?

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Meme'd by Siew Mee 2
Friday, May 16, 2008 12:40 PM

You're tagged!

Rules: The tag victim has to come up with 8 different points about his/her crush or perfect lover. Whichever applies. Have to mention the gender of his/her perfect lover. Tag eight other victims to join this game and leave a comment on their blogs. If you are tagged the second time, there is NO need to do this again. Lastly and most importantly, HAVE FUN DOING IT.

8 facts about my crush ar? Easy la. Here goes.

1) He's great with the ball.

2) He scores.

3) He looks exactly the same as when he was 8 or maybe 9?

4) He's got really wide chest and broad shoulder. *grinning stupidly*

6) He's freckled.

7) He's tattooed.




8) He tattoos!

Y su nombre es Daniel Munthe Agger. Heheh.

I tag Chris and only Chris. Muahahah.

No shame. Typical.
Wednesday, May 14, 2008 8:15 PM

It is titled "Fcuk Your History...We're going to Moscow". Anyone who has enough days of watching football up their sleeves are going to correctly identify which shameless fan wrote that rubbish.

We’re going to Moscow, we’re going to Moscow … f*ck your history … we’re going to Moscow’. If Johnny Cash were alive today, I’m sure he would have endorsed the darkly comic lyrical re-working of ‘I want to go home’ a traditional West Indies folk song which appeared on his sixth album ‘Songs of Our Soil’ originally released in 1959. In a different guise as ‘Sloop John B’, ‘I want to go home’ was re-recorded by the Beach Boys and found its way into the higher reaches of the Billboard chart in 1966.

This is the chant that they are so proud that they created. Typical Chelshit fans, no chant created for their own players which they can be proud of. But a chant to degrade their rival team.

The Moscow chant, a true Blue in-your-Scouse-face version of the dreadfully monotonous ‘We’ve won it five times’ dirge, gained momentum on that fabulous evening at Stamford Bridge when Chelsea finally laid the grim spectre of those painful Champions League semi-final defeats at the hands of the Hubcap Thieves to rest.

After 3 seasons, they are still harping about that painful semi final, the goal that got us into the final in 2005. In case you are still hallucinating, which I won't be surprise; that goal DID cross the line. Look at the replays. Look at the stills of the match. Look at the photos. SO, MOVE ON. Daft sods.

The Scousers love a bit of Johnny Cash. Oh how the world has grown tired of the nasal whine of ‘In Istanbul we won it five times’ or worse still the ‘Der Der Der Der Der Der Der Der’ crucifixion of Johnny’s most famous contribution to modern popular music ‘Ring of Fire’. Thanks to Avram Grant’s Blue and White Army the ‘Ring of Fire’ has been extinguished for this season. Goodbye Rafa, goodbye Liverpool … bring on the Devilish Reds of Manchester.

This is a team which lost to us 3 out of 4 semi-finals, including the FA Cup in 2006, and won the recent semi-final with LUCK talking. The teams they got in the tournament compared to us is like eating cotton candy and us nasi goreng kampung extra pedassss. No shame. Should have just shut up and thank your lucky star if you can beat the Mancs in the final. As much as I hate to admit it, they are still the strongest of all English teams.

And don't even get me started on history. You stupid little club which has no pride and only a rich owner thinking money can buy the whole world want to talk about re-writing history book? Get real. At least we got the big Mickey proudly displayed in our stadium. Chelshit? Oh please.

So yeah, fcuk youse shameless wankers.

Hands up those Liverpool supporters who still want to see Chelshit win the cup this coming 21st? *cough*Ivan*cough*


Down under.
2:50 PM

I'm looking at my Contract notes, trying to memorise the case of Tan Ah Kian, and at the same time, wishing to God that I am there instead. It's going to be one hell of an intimate show. Something like the Hard Rock show. Just look at the venue.


Why Genting, why Genting, guys. Arena of Stars?!?!


Yeshhhh, the Tour has officially started.
shit, how to study? i'm not concentrating at all.

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Stevie loves Xabi and Spearing loves Flynn.
11:50 AM

We are the (reserves) League Champions. Yeah, nothing new. Our reserves are more successful than the 1st team. So, was looking at the pictures after the trophy presentation over at RAWK the other day. And our reserves lads want to emulate the seniors on and off the pitch, this much.

Xabi and Stevie in Istanbul after we won the European Champions League in 2005.

Our Stevie and Xabi wannabes reserves lads.

The famous Stevie/Xabi kiss after the trophy presentation.

And the almost Jay Spearing and Ryan Flynn kiss.

Just to clarify, Stevie and Xabi is NOT gay.

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So productive sial.
11:34 AM

Do I have a paper tomorrow called Liverpool FC? Hell NO.

Went McD to study with Siew Mee and Aaron the Bee(!) late last night. When we are (trying to) studying while cursing over the plain water plus caffeine which McD called it coffee, Siew Mee asked me this question, "Eh, who is Garcia ar?" So, I started telling both new Liverpool fans all about the little guy. And then Aaron said "I want to cut my hair like Xabi." So, I send him a few Xabi's pictures. And do we start studying? No. I started talking about Istanbul la, FA Cup la, The Kop la, our bloody owners la, Torres's upcoming new hair cut la, etc etc. GONE is the study plan. It's ok, at least I got 2 more footie kaki now! Welcome to the big family you guys!

Note to self, never ever start talking about Liverpool in a study session.


I wasn't thinking.
Tuesday, May 13, 2008 4:57 PM

Damn. I think I made a really big fool out of myself. Gahhhh. It's ok. He's too busy to read anyway. But damn he does check his facebook. Ok, the subject of the message will be so boring that he won't even open it. What on earth was I thinking when I sent it?! Wait, I wasn't thinking at all. What do you expect after 3 hours of writing about rights and liberties, and almost 2 hours of talking with friends in Witchery which takes as much energy?

A lot of people seems to be doing something without thinking nowadays.


FAQs of the Hotel Cafe, LA.
12:02 AM

Was reading Joey's blog. Haven't been there in ages so yeah, that entry is kind of ages ago too. He was talking about how cool this Hotel Cafe in LA is. The most interesting part to me is their FAQ page. Got me cracking up like hell.

These are some frequently asked questions, and some frequently given answers to go along:

Q: Can I ask you a question?

Q: So, where is The Hotel Café?
A: 1623 1/2 N. Cahuenga Blvd. In Hollywood. 1/2 a block south of Hollywood Blvd on the West side of the street.

Q: What time do you open?
A: 7pm. Sometimes earlier, depending on showtime. Check calendar.

Q: Is The Hotel Café still an all ages venue?
A: No. We are now 21+.

Q: Since you're not an all ages venue anymore, should i call or email to ask if the show is all ages?
A: No.

Q: But i have a friend that will be 21 in two weeks.
A: No.

Q: Do you serve food?
A: Yes.

Q: Do you take credit cards?
A: Yes.

Q: Do you take reservations?
A: No.

Q: Do you pre-sell tickets to shows?
A: Sometimes, will be noted on the calendar.

Q: If a show on the calendar doesn't have "Tickets Available HERE" or something similar next to it, should I call, email, or come by the hotel cafe to get tickets for a show that is 3 weeks away?
A: No.

Q: If a show says SOLD OUT next to it, does that mean I shoud email or come by to ask how to buy tickets?
A: No.

Q: If I send you a package, can i use Fed Ex or UPS?
A: No.

Q: Regular mail?
A: Yes.

Q: Where can I park when I come to The Hotel Café?
A: Paid parking is available in 2 fairly convenient lots. One just behind the Hotel Cafe and 1 about a ½ block North on the same side of the street. Other lots in the neighborhood are available. Follow signs that say "Parking". Street Parking is also available, but limited.

Q: I’m playing tonight, where do I park?
A: See above.

Q: I’m playing tonight, where do I load in?
A: Load in through the back door in the alley.

Q: I am playing tonight, can my guest list be 50 people?
A: No.

Q: 30 people?
A: No.

Q: 10?
A: Maybe.

Q: 7?
A: Yes.

Q: I’m not on the list, but I am *insert industry related job title here*, can I get in for free?
A: No.

Q: What if I give you my card?
A: No.

Q: It’s a nice card…
A: Yes it is.

Q: It’s got rounded edges…
A: Yes, I see... Very impressive...

Q: So, how about it then?
A: No.

Q: Can I bring in my own beer or wine?
A: No.

Q: What kind of beer do you have?
A: A Bunch...

Q: What kind of reds do you have?
A: A Bunch...

Q: Whites?
A: Yes..

Q: Can I get a Vodka Cranberry then?
A: YES. Yes you can.

Q: Can I book bands for you?
A: No.

Q: Is this thing on?
A: Yes.

Q: Is the plexi-glass around the soundboard bullet proof?
A: No.

Q: So, I do this comedy act…
A: No.

Q: Abrah Cadab…
A: No.

Q: Do you have a problem with comedians or magicians?
A: No.

Q: I see on the calendar that you have a few TBAs. Can I have the one on the 15th?
A: No.

Q: The one on the 23rd?
A: No.

Q: Any of them?
A: No.

Q: So, I am from Saskatoon Dink, Canada, and I don’t know anyone in LA, and no one knows me. Can I have a headlining spot at The Hotel Cafe?
A: No.

Q: Can I have a residency?
A: No.

Q: Please?
A: No.

Q: Can I play with a Marshall Half Stack?
A: No.

Q: What if I turn it down?
A: No.

Q: But it doesn’t sound right unless it’s really loud.
A: No.

Q: Do you have a piano?
A: Yes.

Q: Is the piano tuned?
A: No.

Q: Do you have an extra 9 volt battery?
A: No.

Q: Can I shoot a movie at The Hotel Cafe?
A: Yes. Click HERE for more info..

Q: Can I smoke in The Hotel Café?
A: No.

Q: Is this The Burgundy Room?
A: No.

Q: Is this The Room?
A: No.

Q: Do you rent rooms by the week?
A: No.

Q: Can I rent a room?
A: No.

Q: Is this even a Hotel?
A: No.

Q: Can you give my CD to Nic Harcourt?
A: No.

Q: Can I have Gary Jules’ phone number?
A: No.

Q: Is Max or Marko here?
A: They might be.

Q: I don’t have a demo, but I’m really good, can you book me?
A: No.

Q: I can play a little right now, sort of an audition...
A: No.

Q: Do you have an open mic night?
A: No.

Q: You should.
A: No.

Q: I am a music reviewer for an online magazine you've never heard of. We get 150 unique hits per day... I don't have a business card, but I would appreciate being on the "House List" every night to photo-review acts that preform at...
A: No.

Q: But I have a camera.
A: So do I.

Q: Do you allow fliming in the Hotel Cafe?
A: Not any more...

Q: Why?
A: Because Youtube video quality sucks... and 30 people holding their damn cell phones in the air blocking everyone elses view of the stage is somewhat annoying...

Q: But i work for *insert pop culture-content whoring giant coorporation here* and we'd be sure to...
A: No...

Q: That seems harsh...
A: That's not a question.

Q: I run an online music site you've never heard of, and we believe your venue would benefit greatly from advertising on our site, which stresses the importance of DIY music. Our ad rates start at...
A: No.

Q: I am playing tonight, can my girlfriend and all of her friends drink for free?
A: No.

Q: I played tonight, and brought 3 people to see me. Do I get Paid?
A: No.

Q: Does this beer taste funny to you?
A: No.

Q: Is a Stella Artois glass smaller than a pint glass?
A: No.

Q: It looks smaller?
A: Yes it does.

Q: Why is that?
A: Physics.

Q: Can I have a job?
A: No.

Q: How about I just leave my resume?
A: No.

Q: What happened to the pool table?
A: It’s gone.

Q: Do you still have the open jazz jam?
A: No.

Q: Why?
A: Because no one in LA appreciates jazz.

Q: That’s sad.
A: Yes. Yes it is.

"But it's a nice card"
"Yes it is."


Summertime, summertime...NOT.
Monday, May 12, 2008 10:24 PM

The Constitutional Law paper went NOT ok. Not enough time at all. But, what's done is done, putting it behind me now. 4 more papers to go, and I'm done.

Siew Mee told me something before the paper. And yeap, it's injustice. I don't know what I would've done in that situation. But, babe, here's 2 songs for you. It's something I listen to whenever I feel that life's being a bitch. Walk On by U2 and Don't Give Up by Pater Gabriel and Kate Bush. Put those 2 songs on your playlist, along with "You'll Never Walk Alone", play it on loop and you'll feel much better. Hope it helps and be strong girl!

By the way, this song is like seriously stuck in my head right now. The album version of Summertime by The Click Five. So much better than the acoustic version they did at the Blue Room. Showcasing Kyle's voice are better done with songs like Empty and Mary Jane, but not with this song. Thank god they came out with the album version. Heck, I guess if I'm in a country with summer, then this is really the right time for that song lol! It's so pop-ish that I just can't get it out of my head.

Off to study now. TRY to I mean. Tried and just can't get anything into my head.

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Nando, Nando, we love you!
1:20 AM

touching THE sign the day he was unveiled, i seriously prefer his hair then.

He broke the record.

Of Ruud Van Nistelrooy.

Now our Nando is the BEST(or 'prolific' - words of .tv) foreign player in their debut season.

Nistelrooy got 23 goals and our Nando got 24.

And he actually asked Rafa to play him so he can break the record.

Adorableness. *grinning like an idiot"

Rafa spoke of all the positives as the season comes to an end.

1) We got a great striker. Better than anyone.

2) We scored 119 goals this season in all competitions. More than anyone.

3) Pepe has kept 18 clean sheets. More than anyone also. And won the Golden Glove 3 seasons in a row. Better than anyone also. (who's like kayu now? stupid kenny sia!)

BUT, we won nothing this season. Si, NADA. So, as one of the lad over at RAWK said, we've won nothing in this home kit, so maybe it's good time to change a new one. 2-0 is not a bad results to wrap up the season. Bring on Euro now!! Espanol, espanol. *grinning like an idiot again* *waiting impatiently to see Nando's new haircut*

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12:36 AM

I'm psyched! Not for the exams you bet. But for the freaking concertttt! It's just another 26 days to go! I've been trying my very best to not feel too much excitement at least until after my finals cause this emotion don't really go well with stressing over exams at the same time. Who knows maybe I might get emotional crisis because of that(god knows what that is). So, anyway, was waiting for dad to get ready yesterday afternoon before they send me back to Melaka. While waiting, I was surfing the channels, nothing interesting on sports, nothing on movies, nothing on travel and living either. So, last resort la, Hitz.tv(damn, I hate their chat space thingy!). And they were showing a TC5 special(surprise, surprise). Hard to believe, I actually got bored with Ben's lame jokes to please the screaming young girls. He needs be true to himself and the artist inside him someday soon. But he said it's hard out there, so yeah. Was tempted to switch channel, and BAAM! The footage from the Hard Rock show last November, and there were we. The bunch of girls in front. With the banners which Joey actually like it so much and asked Ben to check it out half way through the show. Hehe you bet we are proud, we spent ages thinking what to write alrite. Anyways, I looked like and idiot. Standing there with my head tilted, in awed. And I never realise I looked so high that day. Of course, I was freaking high, but at least now I know how 'high' looks. Gahhh, I bet I looked dumber in that Channel V interview after the meet and greet! With the aftershock of talking(or stuttering) to Ethan. DAMN.

Sports update. Kimi crossed the finish line 3rd at the Turkish GP behind Massa and Hammy. So, his lead to Hammy on the championships is cut down to 7, but nothing to worry YET. And Nole won the Rome Masters against Wawrinka! Yeah, his road to the final is much easier compared to the Swiss with both Almagro and Stepanek retiring in the quarter and semi, but still. And the Mancs won their 17th Premier League title. DAMN. One short of ours. DO SOMETHING RAFA. DO SOMETHING. POR FAVOR.

By the way, good luck for the finals people!

Bloody hell.
Friday, May 9, 2008 4:35 PM

I do not want to study.

Aku tak mau belajar.


No quiero estudiar. No quiero.

Ngo ng moi duk sheeeee!

Wo mai tak chek!!

Ngai ng moi duk shu!!!

Says it all I think. #$@#&&#^@##@&*#@ exams!

Yesterday night on MSN,

Alberto: How are you?
Me: BAD, real BAD.
Alberto: Bad? Why?
Me: I dont have enough sleep. I'm easily irritated. All cause of the bloody exams!
Alberto: You are too demanding of yourself. Just relax.

Okok, set! I go meet you in Salamanca and you show me around Spain? I Wish!


Daniel Munthe Agger back in training!!!
3:57 PM

Rafa's Spurs pre-match interview is such a joy to read, because he said this,

We had Fabio Aurelio training again and also Daniel Agger which is very good news. The mood in the squad is good so I think everything is okay and we can put out a strong team against Spurs.

And then he said this, regarding Harry Kewell,

With Harry Kewell we were talking with his agent and we tried to progress and reach an agreement but we didn't make any agreement, so he will be released at the end of the season.

So, that's 2 good news in a row already. Daniel Agger back in training. He's been out since September, that's like what, freaking 8 months! No wonder he's not even nominated in .tv end of season voting. Bloody floating piece of bone in his feet. But, things are good now. Hopefully we'll be seeing more of him in the pre-season friendlies. Danny, we missed you! *hint* ME *hint* Can't wait to see how the Skrtel and Danny partnership work out. They are definitely the future of our defense! Young(and tattooed) left alone, their ability to run up and down the pitch will be something to watch!

And Harry Kewell, finally. I've been wondering for ages why are we paying a player to treat his injury all season long. Wait, scratch that, all 2, or was that 3, seasons long. Seriously, he is never fully fit. And when he's finally fit(like a few days before he got injured again), he plays like shite. Don't get me wrong, he WAS a great player. But maybe things just don't work out for him here anymore, so yeah, he needs to move on. It's a feng shui thing maybe, it's like Kewell + Liverpool = NONO. So, yeah, all the best Koala. Uhm, I mean, Kewell.

Besides that, it looks as if Crouchy will be leaving too. It's really interesting how Rafa always say everything by saying nothing(much) in interviews like this.

You know my idea, we offered him a new contract. When nobody was talking about him we signed him from Southampton, when everyone was criticising us, especially me, because he was not scoring goals, I was supporting him. So I have the same idea. He is a good professional and a good player and he wants to play every week. We know about that. That is the situation. We know that Portsmouth and other clubs are linked with him in the press, but as of this moment we haven't received any official offer. If we receive an offer we will talk because I want the best for Crouch and the best for my club.

I think what Rafa is saying is this, "Look, he is a good player(not great), and we have Torres now. So obviously, he won't be playing as much. And he wants to play every week, so anyone wants him, give me 15mil and he's yours."

But, it would be the happiest for the fans to see Riise of all people go this summer.


All hail music!
Thursday, May 8, 2008 4:59 PM

So I was tensed/pissed off/stressed/wanted to kill someone most of yesterday, no? And so, I turn to music. Went to my CD rack, go through my unsorted CDs(my bad, I just got too lazy to sort it like I used to heheh), dropped a few in the process(including my signed Tc5!), and got my Colbie Caillat CD. Why didn't I just listen from iTunes? BECAUSE IT GOT FREAKING DELETED. I have no idea how and why. So yeah, talk about having no luck huh? Anyways, I put the CD in and guess what, I'm still pissed off as hell half way through the album.

Flogging Molly

So, I decided to put my iTunes playlist on shuffle instead, let what comes to me, comes to me. And baam, I'm cured! I feel miles better after listening to Flogging Molly and Scouting for Girls! I'm telling you, music never got this FUN! Music and lyrics wise.

Scouting For Girls

I remember someone recommended FM on Livejournal, so I downloaded it but didn't give it much listen until yesterday. And I'm freaking glad I did. Listening to their music is like listening to Scottish/Irish instruments on those mountains both Scotland and Ireland are so famous for, only more fun. And Scouting for Girls? Well, a band with a song called "James Bond". Singing about how he wishes he can be James Bond, with a license to thrill(wth?!), kissing all the girls and blowing the bad guys away etc etc. And it ends like this "Roger, Pierce, and Daniel, and maybe one day ME!" It just got me chuckle, and laugh out loud and fall off the chair. There, I am cured. I loveeee Brit music! yeay!! I've got Elliot Minor, McFly, The Kooks on my list, and now Scouting for Girls! I don't know how to put it, there's just something more in their music compared to the American bands. But then again, maybe it's the accent. Heheh.

Flogging Molly - Requiem for a Dying Song ~Download~


One of those days
Wednesday, May 7, 2008 10:12 PM

Today is one of those days. It is.
I have NO luck, no luck at all.
I wouldn't be surprised if I slip on a banana peel or something.
Need my Marie Digby and Colbie Caillat.
Damn, I want to go to Marie Digby's showcase.


R.I.P Liam Harker
1:38 PM

Just saw the news on .tv, the 17-year-old Liverpool fan lost his battle with stomach cancer on Monday. When the news of his illness reached the people at Liverpool in mid-April, they arranged for him to go down to Melwood, the training ground to meet Rafa and the players. But the doctor advised against him making the trip, so the club sent him and signed shirt and a signed card instead.

When the news reached the supporters, some took the initiative to make banners with messages for him and brought it along to the 1st leg of semi-finals against Chelshit. That night, the camera picked up the image, and even though Liam didn't make the trip, he saw how everyone at the club is with him. The banners were later sent to him so that the messages are right with him in his final days.

Liam truly never walk alone. This boy made me realised lots of things. Not only the "it's so wonderful to be alive" thingy, but lots more. Rest in peace, Liam.


Team of Carraghers, literally.
Tuesday, May 6, 2008 2:20 AM

The most familiar scene of l.o.h. every year has gotta be Carra doing it with the kids and some relative.(cousin we reckon)

The gang

"we all dream of a team of carraghers, team of carraghers, #1 is carragher, #2 is carraghers~"

And one thing that never change. These 2 running about chasing each other on the pitch. We've got our season 2023/2024 centrebacks sorted out?


I wonder who painted that on his face lol.


Stevie wants a boy, so that he can get him to do this.

Stevie: "kid, wana do some punching?"

"Daddy, which is Uncle Riise? Uncle Stevie wants me to beat him up" *clenching fists*
"The one over there."

"Don't go punching anyone until you know for sure that is Uncle Riise aite?"

Yeah, I'm still mad. Bloody Riise. Score in the next match or I shall hate you forever.

P.S: Hands up those who think the lads look weird(read: gay) in the new kit. Goshh, V-necks. *shiver thinking the DJ at Eleven*


Pic Spam! Sorta.
12:55 AM

Was supposed to be studying, and was looking for cases and then my thoughts wandered to the whole "should I ask Shan to get the new jersey for me in Liverpool" debate, and then find myself in RAWK picture thread. So here goes.

love it. love it. love it. when he scores! don't go tearing up thinking you won nothing this season Nando, you won our hearts!

And pics from the lap of honour.

Masch's daughter, we think she's called Lola, is seriously cute! Nando wants a kid so badly huh? helping out Pepe in the bg and all. And Rafa's daughters with the supposedly Scouse accent.

Dirky's baby boy and his little girl

EXACTLY like daddy. the hair, the mouth, everything!

Dirk Kuyt Jr seeking for attention, "look at me daddy, stop talking to her, or else I'm gonna punch you!"

Xabi with Little Jon, FINALLY!

Xabi:"this is why I lost weight."

Rafa looks like a proud grandpa. Rafa: "say a-bue-lo, chico."

And my favourite picture of the day!

Pepe in this picture makes me goes "awwww"


Coffee is my friend. Black coffee is.
Monday, May 5, 2008 11:47 PM

I'm addicted to coffee. Went groceries shopping with mum the Saturday after I got home, and got my top-of-the groceries list Nescafe Gold coffee bean. Hey, I bought coffee not to sit in front of the TV and sipping it away while Mac Taylor and co. trying to figure "who kill our vic" on CSI: NY alrite, although I did sip it away while watching the match against Manchester City yesterday night. (wheeee, love the part where Didi came on and the crowd applauding him and singing "We've Won It 5 Times"!) Heheh.

So anyway, the coffee is supposed to keep me company when I'm battling away with my revisions, especially late into the night and the crickets are singing.(seriously, its annoying! that's what you get when there's a huge garden outside the house I guess. arghhh.) Mum is all like "you are supposed to sleep early and wake up earlier to study, your body is supposed to rest around that time blahhh" But, what the hell, my body clock is long time screwed up anyways.

So, I've got another 6 days to finish off 8 chapters on Contract Law before the 1st paper on Monday, and not to mention the bizarre amount of cases to remember. Damn, 6 days and counting. And I don't even know how to start that Indian bugger's subject. So, here it is, cheers to stress. Good thing that there's Wunnie there to complain to though. Thanks Wunnie, if you are somehow reading this amidst your crazy and stressful clinicals.

My fellow coursemates, housemates, and all the unlucky souls with a final exams coming up(Carmen and the gals with midyear exams), let's get this thing done with a fight! You'll Never Walk Alone!

Seriously though, I would rather do the TC5 concert countdown than this countdown. It's depressing alrite. It's ok, I'm looking ahead to the day where I'll be standing in front of the stage rocking to Kyle's "Headlight Disco". Okayy, I'm rambling. I'm off. Don't know when I'll back. "I'm leaving on a jet plane, don't know when I'll be back again~" I don't know why, that song just came into my head. The Jewel version some more. Okay okay, I'm off.


Welcome to the zoo
Friday, May 2, 2008 12:30 PM

The Parliament of Malaysia had its 1st proper sitting on Wednesday. And 1st time in the history, the proceedings were live telecast for 30 minutes. When this decision was announced, I remember thinking, well, this is us moving towards the direction of transparency prima facie. And so, all eyes were on the proceedings yesterday. It was also because of that, most of our beloved YBs seized the chance to be in the spotlight. Literally. And you know you surely will succeed when you use words like big foot and big monkey.

Names calling, are we in primary school or what?! What the hell! 1st of all, you are the representatives of the people, does this portrayed you as someone who is capable and we can depend on? What disappoint me the most are the conducts of opposition MPs. In my opinion, this is the 1st step of them undoing the baby step forward taken by them since the recent GE. It is obvious that the government came up with this live telecast idea as one of the step to appease the people. And after all that has happened, aren't they just giving an excuse for the government to cancel this thing. True enough, now our PM is saying that if the Information Minister suggest to cancel the thing, he will agree. (clicky) If the oppositions behave accordingly and not react to any unparliamentary behaviors of BN, then they have no excuse to cancel this thing and blame it on oppositions as always. They are not saying that "it's all your fault", but it's implied. As always.

Of course, the PM says there is no question of transparency, because it is not a closed session and you can go to the Dewan anytime you want(ridiculous! it's not even practical and reasonable, we want to go, but it doesn't mean that we are always able to go) and the media is free to report anything they want(yeah right!). But, what's done is done, hopefully our YBs will step up and don't disappoint us. Quote Mr. Gary, "for the 1st time in history, our country is undergoing something very interesting(read: BN is not invincible anymore)." Therefore, I seriously hope that they won't disappoint the people who elected them and please provide us a better check and balance on the government.

Actually, what pisses me off most is "Oi, I haven't got the chance to watch the live telecast yet and now you want to cancel it already?!"


Out but not down.
Thursday, May 1, 2008 5:42 AM

After the 1st leg, Gerry said in his blog that we are down but not out. Now, to me, we are out, but definitely not down. We don't have any reasons to be.

In these 2 legs of semis, there are so many "IFs" and "SHOULDN'Ts".

1) There shouldn't have been 4 minutes added time in the 1st leg.
2) Riise shouldn't have use his head to clear the ball.
3) Drogba's goal in the 1st half shouldn't have stand, it was freaking OFFSIDE.
4) If there is no 2) and 3), we will be on our way after Nando's goal.
5) Hyypia should have won us the penalty. It was a CLEAR foul.
6) If there is 5), it's everybody's game again.
7) The biggest IF of all, IF Stevie had been the usual Stevie. I have no idea what's with him.

So, I wonder if things work in its ordinary way, will the results be different. But since when is there an order in the universe. Especially the world of football. In the end, it's all down to luck I guess. And it just happened that Chelsea had a little bit more than us today.

As I said, we are out, but we are in no way down. The lads fought, till the very end. If anything, this European night has once again showcase Liverpool's spirit. So, to me, it might not be as sweet as Istanbul, but how the lads fought with their every last breath makes special. An aggregate of 4-3, it's not that bad. I think it's fair enough to say that we didn't lose badly.

It doesn't mean that I'm not gutted, I am, very much so. It's just that beside gutted, I feel proud of the spirit that our lads displayed. And the fans, the magnificent 12th man. It is just so moving to hear Fields of Anfield Road and You'll Never Walk Alone, and all the red banners amidst the sea of blue plastic flags. And the best the Chelshit fans can come up with is booing us? They might want to learn how to sing for their team 1st. So, yeah, we are out, but we are not down, because when it comes down to team performance, individual players or even supporters, we are the better team. The beautiful one. That is something I won't give up even for a place in finals. It's just what makes Liverpool, Liverpool.

Of course, we were a bit off bearing in the 1st half, but in the 2nd half, and especially after Nando's goal, I would say it's a 50-50 chance and it's everybody's game. And that is why it hurts more too, to think that we came close, we were able to make it. And then to have it goes the other way round. Anyway, I am giving myself a full day today to lick my wound, maybe sleep it off the system or something, and then I'm going to go full force on my revisions. Bloody finals. Both CL and mine I mean! GAHHH.

P.S: Was Nando crying on the bench or was he just too tired? Well, he's mentally strong, just look at how he's settled himself in his 1st season, so yeah, he'll be fine.

P.P.S: I feel sorry for Riise. I do believe that his time at Liverpool has come to an end. This season he has really been a disappointment. I'm just sorry for him that he has to end it this way.