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On 13th November, let's write "love" on our arms...
Saturday, November 8, 2008 1:14 AM

...because it's the 2nd Annual To Write Love On Her Arms Day.

Earlier tonight when Gordon asked me for help with his project on individual and community in the context of youth depression, suicide and etc - I immediately think of To Write Love On Her Arms.

Sometimes, all it takes to make a difference is for the individual to find the community. To realize that they are not alone, and to find hope. And TWLOHA is exactly that.

It is the story of Renee which finds its audience through Jamie a little more than 2 years ago. When Jamie met her, she was 19. Cocaine is fresh in her system, and she cuts herself. After talking to Jamie, she decided that she will go for rehab. But, the treatment center refused to accept her because with a fresh open wound in the form of "FUCK UP" on her arm - they said she was too great of a risk. Jamie and his friends took her in for the next 5 days before she was accepted into rehab.

As an effort to finance her rehab fee, he decided to set up a fund for her on Myspace. He wrote the story about her and that 5 days they spent with her. Remembering the scars on her arms, he titled it - To Write Love On Her Arms. He asked her, what would she say if her story has an audience, she replied - "Tell them to look up. Tell them to remember the stars." 

People going through the same thing as Renee stumbled upon the story on Myspace and started sharing their own stories. People who lost someone through suicides or have friends suffering from depression asked what can they do to help. And Jamie and his friends responded to this influx of messages and emails to which he described it as - "It felt as though we had stumbled upon a bigger story, and a conversation that needed to be had."

And then, we have the TWLOHA today. Providing hope and help through music in the form of rock concerts. In Jamie's word, "borrowing the stage of the band before the concert starts."

The impact of TWLOHA is by far the greatest of the non-profit organizations that I've seen. And impact like this is possible because despite the fact that it is a crazy world that we are living in, all of us feel and to certain extent we want to impact the world but we can't do it on our own. So, to find the balance between protecting ourselves and bringing impact to the world, we find a new solution. And I would like to think that by giving my best in charitable communities of this sort, like The One Love, would make up for my day to day omissions. 

Read Renee's story by Jamie here.

P.S. You can contribute to TWLOHA through reading some of the blogs on TOL because quite a number of the bloggers chose to have the profits generated from the traffic of their pages donated to TWLOHA.

Thursday, November 6, 2008 10:46 PM

My guilty pleasure at the moment. Heheh. I didn't even know they are back again(no matter what, quote them) until I was checking out Keane's album in Bangkok and saw that instead. One moment I'll be laughing at how cheesy the lyrics is (I love you the way you love me ohhh~) and the next I'll be indulging in Ronan Keating's beautiful voice. He's the only one that is worth all the trouble of searching for(and you have no idea how hard it is) and downloading the album. I am pretty sure my essay about his music(alongside Simple Plan) in SPM got me that A1 in 1119. And he is still <3!

I can't believe I'm a teenie all over again because of Boyzone. Ronan. Whatever. This album is so cheesy and yet impossibly addictive at the same time! 

And some Little Luis' homecoming pictures from the match against Atletico.

Stevie and his number 9s. Heheh. 

And Danny in training before the Atletico match. A picture of him never fails to make my day! =)

So cute can melt, no?

Wednesday, November 5, 2008 6:17 AM

Happy 26th Birthday Chris!

Gotta wish him proper this time because I mistakenly wished him on the 5th of October thinking it was November already. Exam stress, you see.

Like most brother, he is pain in the behind sometimes. But, most of the time, I'm just glad to have him. Hey, after all, I'm who I'm today because of him. Football and Liverpool wise. Heheh.

So, happy birthday bugger. And thank you very muchly for sending my WAG pictures to Ru. By the way, I don't think Danish footballers' wifeys and girlfriends are called WAG, guys. =P I will ask Danny what should I be called. 

5:41 AM

So we needed a late late late penalty to equalize. Credits to Atletico's defending.

And yeah Danny should've scored a hat trick with the chances that he's got. Carra had a great shot late in the match as well. But wait, are we really depending on centerbacks to score goals now.
Screw Keane. We miss you Nando.

Gordon said, "I got lessons tomorrow, this is so not worth it." I said, "I got nothing to do tomorrow, this is still not worth it."

You know we are screwed up when the supporters start leaving the Kop 1 minute away from full time. The Kop. On a European night.

The only highlight of the match was seeing Luis Garcia making a return at Anfield...until the penalty. Foul or alleged foul, whatever. We got the point. 

This blog is all over the places but I'm tired. So yeah.

And we love you Luis Garcia! <3 
The supporters had showed more passion towards him coming onto the pitch than towards our own players tonight. Yes, we love you Little Luis!

Saturday, November 1, 2008 7:50 PM

So, school starts in a week. Absolutely dreading the thoughts already. 

Been up to nothing much after the Bangkok trip, except sleeping, catching up with my novels, catching with the shows, eating, and more sleeping. Not gonna blog about the trip here cause I already did on TOL(clicky here!). My part at least. Chris will be covering his part soon.

But, one thing worth mentioning - best thing that happened on the trip if we take the Khao San Road experience out - we freaking beat Chelsea!!! =) And is on top of the PL table! Ended their unbeaten run at the Bridge. It was the Xabi who said, "we'll bust them at the Bridge" who scored the only goal of the match in which we outplayed Chelsea in EVERY minute of the match! We totally scream and shouted our heads off in the room during final whistle. And as a result - I went to bed with throbbing headaches and my heart is beating so fast that I thought I'm going to die anytime soon. No, adrenaline from the win did not cause that. In fact, it was caused by gulping Singha beer. Normally I know my limit and is smart enough to take small sips instead of gulping it but I was too high you see. But, it tastes great! Sorry, Carlsberg, Singha is now my new love. Oh, one more thing, football with Thai commentary and pundits is hilarious!  

I never know there is a "Pics for the girls" thread on RAWK until now. And lookie what I found.
Xabi with little Jon!

Isn't he officially the cutest, sexiest dad ever? 

And I just find this too adorable.


We are beating Spurs tonight. Yes, we must.